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Election News from December 27, 2010

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Preliminary results attest the victory of Mihail Formuzal

According to preliminary results of elections for the Governor of Gagauzia, the second round was again won by Mihail Formuzal, acting Governor, who accumulated 31,576 votes against 29,874 votes gained by his rival, Nicolai Dudoglo, current mayor of Comrat.

Free elections but with violations

Observers of the Association for Promotion of Moldovan Legal Clinics (APCJM) at the elections of Gagauzian Governor have found that elections in the second round on December 26, 2010 were carried out calmly but with violations of electoral legislation. The noticed irregularities related to: APCJM observers intervened in cases where violations were noticed and some of them were annihilated.

The winner thanked voters for support

Mihail Formuzal, who won the second round of elections for the Governor of Gagauzia, addressed the voters with a message whereby he thanked for their support, which made possible the election for the second consecutive term of office. Formuzal promises to work with all his competitors in order to ensure the development of Gagauzia.

The defeated one does not recognize the election results

Nicolai Dudoglo, candidate for Governor of Gagauzia, who lost in the second round of elections, has announced that he does not recognize the electoral results and accused his opponent, Mihail Formuzal, of “lies, illegalities, misinformation, corruption of voters and falsification, abuses of police”. Dudoglo claims the media controlled by Formuzal also had undemocratic behaviour and proliferated denigrating information against competitors. Consequently, Nicolai Dudoglo doesn’t recognize the electoral results, he considers them invalid and will request new elections. (Source: Moldnews)