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Election News from January 5, 2011

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Proponents of Dudoglo contest electoral results

President of the People’s Assembly of Gagauzia, Ana Harlamenco, announced that representatives of Nicolai Dudoglo insist on the invalidation of Governor’s elections, on continuation of protests and will initiate the “vote of no confidence” to the elected Governor, Mihail Formuzal. Harlamenco argues that mass protests are being held in Gagauzia, and numerous violations have been noted, including the use of administrative resources, falsification of ballots, voters’ intimidation and corruption, etc.

Mihail Formuzal rejects the accusations, assessing them as fantasies and emotions that are not based on arguments and facts, for the elections were recognized as legal by the Central Electoral Commission of Gagauzia, and none of complaints and appeals were filed on election day. In the event of a referendum on his dismissal, Formuzal declares he is ready to cope if everything will be in compliance with the relevant legislation.

The Comrat Court of Appeal began examining the results of the December 26 elections, but it didn’t rule on their legality, as well as on request to recount the ballots cast, filed by Nicolai Dudoglo. The court will resume its sitting.