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Election News from December 11, 2010

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Preparation was completed by Election Day

On 12th December 2010, in the Territorial Autonomous Unit Gagauz Yeri the elections of the regional governor will be held. At 7 am, in Gagauzia 64 polling stations will open that will work till 21.00.

3 people have registered in the race for the election of Gagauzian Bashkan: independent candidates the current Bashkan Mihail Formuzal and mayor of Comrat Nicolai Dudoglo, as well as Irina Vlah, PCRM Member of Parliament, which is backed by the Communists’ Party.

According to the lists submitted to the CEC of Gagauzia by local public authorities, the autonomy is inhabited by 106,151 people who have reached the age of 18 years old and therefore are entitled to vote.

It shall be noted that in the early parliamentary elections of 28th November 2010 it was found that voter lists in a number of localities contain errors and inaccuracies. Thus, in Comrat municipality out of 11,072 voters who voted 2,406 persons were not able to find their names in the prepared main lists and had to vote on additional ones. (