Alegerile parlamentare din 2019 în Republica Moldova -

Informative Bulletin about the Republican Constitutional Referendum 2010

October 1, 2010
The Referendum should be regulated in more details[]
September 17, 2010
Parliament adopted new amendments to the Electoral Code Report on voting abroad[]
September 16, 2010
NGOs disagree with CCA and with the parliamentary majority[]
September 15, 2010
CCA sanctions several broadcasters PLDM promotes women in politics[]
September 11, 2010
The views of the EU Special Representative[]
September 10, 2010
The position of the EU Representative in Moldova CEC continues collaboration with UNDP Public post-referendum discussions[]
September 9, 2010
The elections’ summary by CEC Measures to prepare voter lists Parliament discusses new amendments to the Electoral Code Post-referendum statements[]
September 8, 2010
The post-referendum statements by PNL and PDM External comments about the failure of the referendum[]
September 7, 2010
Interim President requests to ascertain the circumstances that justify the dissolution of Parliament MRRM communique about Roma participation in referendum AMN Statement[]
September 6, 2010
Preliminary referendum monitoring reports Post-referendum statements made by parties[]
September 5, 2010
CEC press releases Errors on CEC website AEI leaders vote Statements by AEI leaders after the poll PSD statement following the announcement of preliminary results Decision on challenging the advertising through billboards Exit-poll results[]
September 4, 2010
Monitoring reports Documentation of voters during the Referendum Day[]
September 3, 2010
The balance of referendum campaign AEI leaders call to referendum A broadcaster accused of violations in the campaign coverage CEC rejected the PNL appeal Police will ensure public order in the referendum[]
September 2, 2010
Prosecution will consider on priority basis the complaints concerning the violation of electoral legislation PSM has made its choice in the referendum MAE completed the accumulation of messages for the future President CEC accredited last observers and approved organization of an exit poll CIS observers interested in referendum[]
September 1, 2010
PCRM contests the possibility to vote with expired IDs PACE will monitor the referendum Interim President hopes for a high turnout in the referendum and presumes parliamentary and presidential elections will be held simultaneously Provocative acts in Corjova are due to electoral period[]
August 30, 2010
SCJ supports PNL and operates non-stop Interim President urges students to participate in referendum[]
August 27, 2010
CEC allows voting with expired IDs, issues additional voting certificates and accredits new observers Financial assistance for referendum on behalf of EU and CoE Opening 6 polling stations in Romania is confirmed[]
August 26, 2010
Tiraspol administration is against polling stations in Corjova Another survey shows high turnout in referendum CEC prepares testing electronic Registry of voters PLDM demands to allow voting with expired documents and gets additionally involved in referendum campaign[]
August 25, 2010
Meeting with LPA on the issue of referendum organization CEC additionally informs about the possibility of getting the voting certificates[]
August 24, 2010
PNL clip allowed again SCJ reconsiders the decision on polling stations abroad Urges of responsibility in referendum Transnistrian authorities say they will not prevent voting in referendum Electoral advertisement without an author[]
August 23, 2010
Representatives of local administration deny the boycott of referendum According to a survey, citizens would massively participate in the referendum Requests to vote at the place of stay[]
August 21, 2010
CEC rejects accusations of Civic Coalition[]
August 20, 2010
Problems in preparing electoral lists CEC rejected PCRM appeal Vote of conscripts, warnings to some participants in the referendum and new accredited observers[]
August 19, 2010
Coalition for Free and Fair Elections expresses concerns PCRM requires prohibition of PNL advertising clip Diaspora representatives joined PLDM and call on citizens to vote in referendum MAE collects messages for the future President An NGO in Gagauzia stands against referendum[]
August 18, 2010
Supreme Court rejected the appeal regarding the polling stations abroad OSCE will follow constitutional referendum and rejects accusations of passivity First monitoring report on the constitutional referendum campaign PCRM invokes pressures exercised by AEI leaders on local authorities PSD urges civil society and international organizations to refrain from sending observers to referendum[]
August 17, 2010
CEC is anxious about voters’ rolls compilation Prime-minister Vlad Filat discourage actions against the boycott AMN appeals to citizens to attend the referendum PSD reiterates its appeal in favor of referendum boycott Minister of Foreign Affairs informed about polling stations abroad Parties’ expenditures for referendum campaign[]
August 16, 2010
MAE started the People’s Caravan PCRM insists on the illegality of some polling stations abroad CEC press releases[]
August 13, 2010
CEC decisions City Hall Chisinau launched an on-line service to check the voter lists PNL opts FOR an Unionist President Training of journalists on media coverage of referendum[]
August 12, 2010
PCRM concerned about the possibility of electoral fraud abroad Minister of foreign affairs urges Moldovan citizens residing abroad to participate in referendum Debates about referendum on “Teleradio-Moldova”[]
August 11, 2010
CEC launched an appeal for voters’ rolls checking Humanist Party of Moldova favors the Constitution modification[]
August 10, 2010
25 political parties will participate in the referendum The deadline for voters’ registration abroad expired Voting with the certificate for the right to vote[]
August 9, 2010
CEC rejected communists’ protests against additional polling station abroad The Coalition for Free and Fair Elections pleads in favor of referendum Students will vote at any polling station with the certificate for the right to vote In Chisinau the will be 5 polling stations more for the upcoming referendum[]
August 7, 2010
MAE started the campaign for constitutional referendum[]
August 6, 2010
PDM leader is against the presidential form of government Movement “Ravnopravie” will boycott the referendum[]
August 5, 2010
The deadline for parties’ registration as contesters in referendum expired[]