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Election News from October 21, 2014

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The BCC president: Russian TV channels might have a negative influence on the electoral campaign

Russian televisions might have a negative influence on the media coverage of the electoral campaign in Moldova, by supporting Russia’s candidates in the electoral race, said Dinu Ciocan, president of the Broadcasting Coordinating Council, in an interview. According to him, Moldovan televisions during the electoral campaign must show all candidates, inviting them to debates or airing electoral advertising, while Russian televisions have no such obligations. //

The Liberal Reformatory Party reacts to Ana Gutu’s appeal regarding the party’s withdrawal from elections

A press release issued by the Liberal Reformatory Party (PLR) mentions that the signatories of the appeal regarding the party’s withdrawal from elections (Ana Gutu, Maxim Gutu, Anatol Arhire, Gheorghe Salaru and vice ministers) stepped away from the party’s official position on participation in elections. According to the PLR, the initial proposal of Ana Gutu to participate in elections on the list of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova has been unanimously rejected by the National Political Council, so the signatories of the appeal rejected the idea of the PLR participating in elections as an independent political and legal entity.

The Democratic Party made a public appeal for consolidation of the political class

The appeal of Marian Lupu, chairman of the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM), has been posted on the personal website and on the party’s website. In the appeal, he addresses especially smaller parties, aiming to consolidate the political class and to shorten the ballot, simplifying the choice for citizens during the parliamentary elections of 30 November 2014.

Renato Usatii refuses electoral advertizing on TV

Renato Usatii, candidate of the “Patria (Homeland)” Party, refuses political advertising on TV, having announced it during the “Puterea a patra (The Fourth Power)” talk show on the N4 channel. He said that he would soon organize several concerts, and after elections, the money he would save on account of electoral advertizing would be spent on charity. Usatii believes that the prices set by televisions for electoral advertising are exaggeratedly high: the price of one minute of electoral advertising reaches up to 5,000 Euro on some channels.

Ana Gutu accuses the Liberal Reformatory Party of national treason

Ana Gutu, co-chairman of the Liberal Reformatory Party (PLR), says that the party’s team is under influence of oligarchs, and the electoral slogan “Moldova without oligarchs” seems ridiculous and meaningless, since the PLR got into the hands of brothers Victor and Viorel Topa. Also, Ana Gutu added that attempts are made to dismiss the PLR vice ministers because after some ministers leave their positions to participate in the electoral race, they might bring to light too many misdeeds.