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Election News from December 9, 2014

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The Constitutional Court confirmed the results of the parliamentary elections of 30 November 2014

The members of the Constitutional Court confirmed the results of the elections for the 22nd Parliament, validated the mandates of elected MPs and confirmed the lists of substitute candidates.

Also, the Constitutional Court rejected the requests of the parties that asked for the organization of repeated elections or non-recognition of the election results. Overall, the electoral contestants filed seven requests of this kind. Particularly, the Party of Socialists (PSRM) requests the organization of repeated elections, because, in their opinion, the right of the Moldovan citizens abroad was limited, and other violations took place as well. The Party of Communists (PCRM) asked for the annulment of the election results, because, in their opinion, the participation of the Reformatory Communist Party in elections was illegal. Independent candidate Oleg Brega tried to challenge the distribution of MP mandates and the provision of the Electoral Code, according to which independent candidates must obtain at least 2% of the votes. The Constitutional Court rejected all applications, considering that complaints are unfounded and these violations did not influence the election results.

At the parliamentary elections of 30 November, PSRM obtained 20.51% of votes (25 mandates), PLDM — 20.16% (23 mandates), PCRM — 17.48% (21 mandates), PDM — 15.80% (19 mandates) and PL — 9.67% (13 mandates).

According to the legislation, after the Constitutional Court approves the results of elections, the Central Electoral Commission will issue credentials to elected MPs. After that, the President will sign a decree for the convocation of the new Parliament. The new Parliament will convene in a constituting meeting not later than 30 days after the elections. // Infotag

PSRM asking for early parliamentary elections

A group of members and supporters of the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM) organized a protest in front of the Constitutional Court, where they demanded organization of repeated parliamentary elections because of serious violations that were committed during the elections of 30 November. Protesters chanted: “We are demanding repeated elections!”, “Elections were not democratic!”, “You hindered the voting right of hundreds of thousands citizens!”, “The majority voted for integration into the Customs Union!”, etc.

On 8 December the PSRM challenged the results of the parliamentary elections of 30 November at the Constitutional Court and demanded organization of repeated elections.

The civil society urging the government to intensify justice sector reforms

The justice sector reform and combating of corruption must be the priority of the future governing coalition. An appeal in this regard to the parties that are negotiating the creation of the coalition was launched at a press conference by 29 non-governmental organizations of Moldova.

NGOs are asking for urgent adoption of the Law on Prosecution, in the version proposed by the working group of the Ministry of Justice and the General Prosecutor’s Office. Also, they are asking to include into the exclusive competence of the Anticorruption Prosecution the conduct of criminal investigation in the cases of “large corruption” and to increase the number of its prosecutors and their assistants.

The appeal also mentions the need to adopt the legislation on the funding of political parties, on the detailed description of the manner of declaration of income, properties and interests, and also on optimization of the judicial map by reducing instances. // IPN