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Election News from November 2, 2014

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The Democratic Action Party joined the electoral campaign

The Democratic Action Party (PAD) has officially joined the electoral campaign for the parliamentary elections of 30 November 2014.

Party leader Mihai Godea mentioned that the party’s main objective is to return people’s trust for the country Republic of Moldova. The PAD also strives for fair social protection and decent living standards; direct election of the head of State; reform of the system of political funding and consolidation of the country’s sovereignty; protection of cultural heritage and development of science; settlement of the Transnistrian conflict by withdrawing Russian troops from the territory of Moldova; etc.

An important objective for the PAD is the process of European integration. “The Democratic Action Party is a model of change. We are supporting the country’s development and we will be actively involved in this complex and comprehensive process of reform of the national economy. European integration is the main element in terms of national security, both for the State and for the people.” The party’s electoral slogan is “Moldova for people”. // Publika TV