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Election News from October 31, 2014

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The Democratic Party of Moldova presented its electoral platform

At a symposium organized in Chisinau, the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM) presented its electoral platform for the elections of 30 November 2014. The document has been prepared based on consultations with citizens around the entire country, and it contains 12 chapters. The party’s leader Marian Lupu underlined that the PDM sets itself the task of developing economy year by year, providing well-paid jobs and increasing budget revenue to ensure protection of families. “We are preparing for government. That is why we come with a serious electoral platform, developed by our experts, which is based on what we already achieved and set towards reaching our goal for the country: the growth of Moldova,” he said. The electoral platform of the PDM contains actions aimed to guarantee yearly growth of the national economy, and the PDM vision is focused around family protection by guaranteeing improvement of living conditions for citizens in the country’s towns and villages.

The Liberal Party accuses two political leaders of electoral intimidation

Mihai Ghimpu, leader of the Liberal Party, said at a press conference that the search conducted in the morning of 31 October 2014 at the residence of Dorin Chirtoaca’s parents is aimed at intimidating and compromising the Liberal Party as a contestant for the elections of 30 November 2014. According to Ghimpu, the search was conducted by representatives of the Ministry of Interior, which is subordinated to the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM), and by representatives of the General Prosecutor’s Office, subordinated to the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM). “The fact that the search was done during the electoral campaign, at the beginning of November, closer to parliamentary elections, proves that it is a political move directed by Vlad Filat and Vlad Plahotniuc.” It should be mentioned that the search took place in the context of a criminal case involving Lucian Chirtoaca, brother of the General Mayor of Chisinau municipality.

Oleg Cernei joined the electoral campaign

Independent candidate Oleg Cernei joined the electoral campaign for the parliamentary elections of 30 November 2014. “I joined this electoral race because the Parliament does not have a system of representation of the people. The system of political parties has proved to be non-democratic, and MPs are being used as voting machines — one or two persons in the party decide, and the rest are voting machines,” he said. The promises made by the politician include transparency in public expenditure and parliamentary control over the implementation of laws, extension of administrative competences at the local level and additional taxes for the local budgets. At the country level, Cernei supports election of the head of State by direct vote of citizens and introduction of the uninominal voting system. The candidate’s electoral slogan is “Closer to people and their needs.” //

Ecologists are against dismissal of the vice minister of environment

The League of Green Youth of the Ecological Green Party (PVE) organized a flash mob titled “Solve problems, don’t “solve” the young”. The greens protested against the possible dismissal of Vice Minister of Environment Dorin Dusceac and against corruption and political interests in the Government. “For us, the Greens, the political color of the vice minister of environment does not matter. We find it alarming that a young professional is to be dismissed for political reasons.” The young people chanted “Non-corrupt youth”, “We want competent youth in the Government”, etc. //