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Election News from November 21, 2014

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The Intelligence and Security Service addresses citizens in the context of parliamentary elections

The Intelligence and Security Service of Moldova (ISS) notifies about increased activity of some forces aimed at undermining the national security framework. According to the ISS, their hostile interest, having an internal or external origin, is clearly directed towards destabilization of the social balance in the context on the parliamentary elections of 30 November. The Service, together with other public authorities and based on legal provisions, is implementing an entire set of measures for prevention and combating of such forces in order to not admit negative developments and to exclude security risks.

In this context, the ISS addresses a message to citizens, asking them to be alert and avoid becoming victims of provocations, regardless of their connotation and origin. The ISS also appeals to leaders and opinion makers, as well as to electoral contestants, urging them to avoid and abstain from declarations and activities that might generate insecurity. //

The CEC warning an electoral contestant

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) issued a warning to the “Patriots of Moldova” Party for violation of article 38 (8) of the Electoral Code, as it failed to submit its financial report on the money flow during this electoral campaign for the period of 3–16 November 2014 and failed to inform the Commission about its intention to open a bank account titled “Electoral fund”. // CEC

The BCC finds improvements in the coverage of the electoral campaign by televisions

In the period of 9–15 November, broadcasters provided more electoral airtime to opposition parties and extraparliamentary parties — 31%, compared with 27.3% in the previous monitoring report produced by the Broadcasting Coordinating Council (BCC). Overall, 13 televisions aired 497 materials of electoral nature, which is less than in the previous monitoring period, when 662 materials were aired.

At the same time, 8 broadcasters committed violations in the coverage of the electoral campaign, favoring or disfavoring electoral contestants. Prime, Publika TV, Canal 3 and Canal 2 favored the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM). N4 and TV7 mainly covered in their newscasts the activities of the Liberal Democratic Party (PLDM), while Accent TV favored the “Patria (Homeland)” Party. The televisions that covered the electoral campaign in a neutral and impartial manner were Moldova 1, Pro TV Chisinau, Euro TV, RTR Moldova and Ren Moldova.

This information comes from the third report on the monitoring of the electoral campaign, presented by the Broadcasting Coordinating Council. The authority is to present two more such reports. // IPN