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Election News from November 3, 2014

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The Ecological Green Party officially joined the electoral campaign

The Ecological Green Party (PVE) has officially joined the electoral campaign for the parliamentary elections of 30 November, with the slogan “A clean person in a clean country!”.

According to the party, Moldova needs more ecology, solidarity and democracy in order to follow the European path it had chosen. “The society has the right to a healthy environment that would allow more opportunities for development. The Ecological Green Party focuses on promotion of ecological agriculture, introduction of ecological education as a subject of study in educational institutions, creation of working conditions for specialists in Moldova, promotion of youth in public life and encouragement of women to strive for public offices,” said PVE leader Anatolie Prohnitchi at a press conference. According to him, Moldova needs a reform of the political and governmental system. “So far, governmental institutions have been politicized and dependent on oligarchic and political orders, which has been noted by the Green Members of the European Parliament and by the EU representatives in Moldova in a number of reports,” Prohnitchi said. Ecologists also say that Moldova needs energy independence by capitalizing on renewable energy and a system of energy efficiency. // Unimedia

Vitalie Marinuta joined the Democratic Party of Moldova

Former Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta has joined the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM). The announcement has been made at a meeting with the party’s leader, Marian Lupu. “I had a discussion with the leader of the Democratic Party about the need in a more complex approach to the problems of the National Army and about the living conditions of the military and of veterans. I was impressed by the interest I saw, but I wasn’t surprised, as I had the opportunity to work with Marian Lupu at the time when he was the commander-in-chief of the armed forces,” Marinuta said. He mentioned that he is joining the PDM because it is a strong team and that only with them he will be able to reach his life-time goals — for Moldova to have a strong defense sector.

Mihail Formuzal withdrawing from the list of the BeAMUV

The governor of Gagauzia, Mihail Formuzal, announced his withdrawal from the list of the “Alegerea Moldovei — Uniunea Vamala (Moldova’s Choice — the Customs Union)” Electoral Bloc (BeAMUV) in order to focus on the more important problems of the region, specifically, the actions aimed at “discrediting Gagauzia”. Formuzal claims that the Service of Information and Security of Moldova is involved in discrediting. It should be mentioned that Formuzal’s decision has been preceded by the interdiction to travel on the territory of Ukraine, imposed when transiting the border between Moldova and Ukraine on his way to Odessa. On the other hand, Oleg Topolnitchi, leader of the electoral bloc, said at a press conference that Formuzal’s withdrawal from the electoral list is temporary.

The CEC registered two more electoral contestants

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) registered the “Patriots of Moldova” Party (PPM) as electoral contestant and Oleg Brega as independent candidate for the parliamentary elections of 30 November 2014. // CEC

Renato Usatii is cancelling electoral concerts

Renato Usatii, candidate on the list of the “Patria (Homeland)” Party, announced at a press conference about cancelling the concerts of Russian singer Stas Mihailov and “Blestyaschie” band, which were to take place in several regions of the country. Usatii mentioned that he had made this decision after being informed about acts of provocation being prepared for these events. “I have been informed about the fact that between 4 and 10 November another serious provocation will take place. Certain details have emerged, and I decided to cancel these concerts. I thank police employees for providing this information for me. I promise to organize concerts after 1 December,” the candidate explained. //