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Election News from November 27, 2014

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Court of Appeal verdict: “Patria (Homeland)” Party to be excluded from the electoral race

The Chisinau Court of Appeal accepted the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) application, in which the latter requested to annul the registration of the “Patria (Homeland)” Party (PP) as electoral contestant, and then rejected the PP’s appeal against it. The CEC application was based on the information provided by the General Police Inspectorate that in the electoral campaign the PP used funds from abroad that amounted to 8 million lei. The Court of Appeal also decided on the confiscation of the 8 million.

At the same time, Renato Usatii, top of the PP candidates list, called this decision a “circus show” and a “political order” and said he would challenge the Court of Appeal decision in the Supreme Court of Justice. He also said that he expected the Supreme Court to reject his party’s appeal. Renato Usatii claimed he might organize protests, and added that he would provide more details after the Supreme Court issues the final decision. // IPN

Campaigning is prohibited on election day and on the day preceding it

In a press release, the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) reminded electoral contestants and the mass media that, according to Article 47 (8) of the Electoral Code, electoral campaigning is prohibited on the day of elections and on the day preceding it. According to the CEC, on these days it is prohibited to conduct and provide coverage of the activities/materials with electoral nature, and it is also prohibited for candidates to appear in TV and radio programs. Electoral campaigning by mass media, electoral contestants and citizens on the above-mentioned days is an administrative offense that is punishable with a fine amounting from 10 to 20 conventional units for individuals and from 40 to 50 conventional units for electoral contestants. // CEC

Report: The BCC must penalize some media outlets

The Broadcasting Coordinating Council (BCC) should penalize some media outlets for biased and unbalanced coverage of the electoral campaign. It is one of the conclusions of the 5th report on monitoring mass media during the electoral campaign, produced by the Association of Independent Press (AIP), the Independent Journalism Center (IJC) and the Electronic Press Association (APEL) within the Civic Coalition for Free and Fair Elections. The report was presented at a press conference today, 27 November. “During the reporting period, televisions used methods that we find harmful, after a relatively calm previous week, when they showed some improvements. This time we found degradation in some segments, such as lack compliance with professional standards and unbalanced media coverage and presentation of electoral contestants,” said Vasile State, executive director of APEL.

Further details about the coverage of the electoral campaign in mass media can be found in Report no. 5 for the period of 16–22 November 2014. //

On election day, offices for documentation of population will work extended hours

In connection with the conduct of parliamentary elections and in order to ensure that Moldovan citizens with the right to vote have the necessary identification documents in order to participate in elections, all offices for the registration and documentation of population of the State company “Registru” will work extended hours on 30 November 2014, from 07.00 until 21.00. On that day, the offices of “Registru” will be issuing temporary identity cards and regular identity cards that will be ready at the time.

Also, between 25 and 30 November, the offices for registration and documentation of population are issuing, upon request and free of charge, temporary identity cards to citizens with the right to vote that have invalid identification documents, including owners of Soviet-type passports, who for some reasons failed to obtain an identity card, as well as to the citizens whose documents have been lost/stolen and to those who did not have identification documents previously. //

The PLDM makes end-of-campaign conclusions

Vlad Filat, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM), called a press conference, where he made a summary of the electoral campaign for the parliamentary elections of 30 November. “We approached this campaign with maximum responsibility and respect for citizens. Although we were the target of some media campaigns that ignored fair play and common sense, we chose not to descend to the level of those who unfairly denigrated us. We chose to honestly and directly dialogize with citizens. I was repeatedly asked about what we would do after elections and who we would and would not ally with. I will say it in short: we are going to work together with those who honestly believe in a European future, and communists, who belong to the past, shall stay in the past. It should be very clear: European future is non-negotiable!” said the leader of liberal democrats. In the same context, Vlad Filat urged citizens to vote and support the PLDM.

Vladimir Voronin addressed a message to voters

At a press conference, Vladimir Voronin, leader of the Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova (PCRM), addressed a message to voters, in which he made an assessment of the electoral campaign for the parliamentary elections of 30 November. “This electoral campaign is coming to its end. It leaves me with a disgusting feeling. Both the campaign and the five years of governance by the Coalition were cynical, unprincipled, full of illegal actions and violations of the Constitution, the Electoral Code, laws and democratic norms,” Voronin said. According to him, the PCRM must win the elections and make order in the country. “None of the governing parties, which are threatening voters with the organization of a Maidan, is or will be supported by the people,” the communist leader stressed. Also, Vladimir Voronin said that the PCRM aimed in this electoral campaign to further develop the projects “Moldovan village” and “40 cities”.

The leader of socialists assesses the electoral campaign

Igor Dodon, the chairman of the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM), held a press conference, where he made an assessment of the electoral campaign for the elections of 30 November. “The electoral campaign of 2014 has been the dirtiest in the entire contemporary history of Moldova. In less than a month and a half, lies, dirt, deceit, manipulation, edited photo and video materials were used in order to denigrate opposition parties. It all goes beyond the national and international legal framework,” the socialists’ leader said. In the same context, Igor Dodon also spoke about the exclusion of the “Patria (Homeland)” Party from the electoral race. Several days before the elections, the government played a dirty game, using the Central Electoral Commission and the judiciary to exclude at least one of the two forces of the opposition that were ready to create a pro-Moldovan and anti-oligarchic coalition in the new parliament. The representatives of the Party of Communists in the CEC were the ones who voted together with the governing parties for the exclusion of “Patria” from the electoral campaign. In this context, the socialists’ leader urged voters not to give their votes for the parties that make up the current government, but to show maximum mobilization and vote for the PSRM.

Open letter of the Liberal Party to voters

At a press conference, the leadership of the Liberal Party (PL) addressed an open letter to the citizens of Moldova, which related to the parliamentary elections of 30 November. “It is a letter that, I hope, will convince citizens that the PL policy of joining the NATO was and is correct. Today, like never before, the situation proves that we, the Liberal Party, are right, because we don’t think about mandates, but about peace, calmness, security and well-being for Moldovan citizens,” said Mihai Ghimpu, PL chairman. At the same time, the liberal leader urged voters to exercise their right to vote on 30 November. “Dear fellow citizens, it depends only on you to make sure that the road to Europe, to freedom and prosperity is irreversible! We might lose everything in a single night of Sunday, 30 November, if some stay at home. Don’t let it happen! Come and vote for Europe with full trust and hope. Think about your children and in what world you would like them to grow,” the source mentioned.

Ukrainian communities support the PLDM in the parliamentary elections

At a press conference, representatives of Ukrainian communities in Moldova appealed to voters to support the country’s European course and to vote for the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM) in the elections of 30 November. “The PLDM is a solid party with a strong team, which does not engage in making populist declarations. Also, we are pleased by the fact that this party makes efforts for the Ukrainian community, as well. Together with them, we will manage to solve many problems,” explained their position Svetlana Mislitchi, head of the Union of Ukrainians of Moldova. // Moldpres

The democrats organized concerts on occasion of the “Days of Moldovan Belt”

According to a press release of the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM), two grand concerts were organized in the center of Chisinau on 26 and 27 November on occasion of the “Days of Moldovan Belt”. A number of international artists performed in the concerts and expressed support for the PDM in the parliamentary elections of 30 November. The democrats’ leader Marian Lupu welcomed international stars by offering them Moldovan belts — a national symbol that the PDM has been promoting during this campaign, dedicated to Moldovan families. “We wish today to be a celebration of our traditions, our country. These traditions have been holding the country united. We have strong roots, friends, and it is time to prove the force of our people. On 30 November, we are going to stop those who are threatening our country! With a vote for the Democratic Party, we are protecting Moldova’s families,” said the PDM leader.