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Election News from October 28, 2014

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“Ravnopravie (Equality)” Movement submitted documents to register for elections

On 28 October 2014, the socio-political “Ravnopravie (Equality)” Movement (MR) submitted to the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) the set of documents in order to be registered as an electoral contestant for the parliamentary elections of 30 November 2014. The leader of the movement, Valerii Klimenko, who is also the head of the Congress of Russian Communities in Moldova, announced for the press that the electoral slogan of MR is “For Moldova as part of Russia!” // Infotag

The CEC gives details about modification of lists of candidates

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) informs that according to Article 80 of the Electoral Code, electoral contestants have the right to withdraw themselves, withdraw the entire list of candidates, replace a candidate or annul the decision on including a certain candidate into the list, but not later than 7 days before election day. The announcement was made through a press release of the CEC. Also, according to Article 46 (6), an electoral contestant can withdraw themselves by means of a written declaration to the electoral body they were registered at, but not later than 7 days before election day. Parties, socio-political organizations and electoral blocs can make any modifications in their registered lists under condition of complying with this deadline and with the provisions of Articles 79 and 126. After expiry of the above-mentioned term, the registration of an electoral contestant can be annulled only by the electoral body that registered them, based on a court decision, as well as in case of their death or occurrence of conditions set by Article 13 (2). // CEC

Two more electoral contestants legitimated for parliamentary elections

The Democratic Action Party (PAD) led by Mihai Godea, MP, and the Ecological Green Party (PVE) led by Anatolie Prohnitchi have been registered as electoral contestants for the parliamentary elections of 30 November. They will take positions 17 and 18, respectively, in the ballots. The decision to register the two parties was made by the Central Electoral Commission during its meetings on 27 and 28 October. The symbols of the two electoral contestants were approved at those meetings as well. //

An electoral contestant wants to either get into Parliament or be liquidated

The Reformatory Communist Party (PCR) will either get into the Parliament or be liquidated if it obtains less than 20 thousand votes in the parliamentary elections of 30 November. This announcement was made by PCR chairman Ruslan Popa during the “Puterea a Patra (Fourth Power)” talk show on the N4 television channel. The leader of reformatory communists said it was unlikely for his party to not get into the Parliament, but “if people consider we are not good, that new parties are not needed, let them stay with Voronin”, Popa argued. // IPN

Three electoral contestants received warnings from the CEC

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) issued a warning to three electoral contestants for violation of the Electoral Code. According to the CEC, the People’s Power Party (PFP) and the “Democraţia Acasă (Democracy at Home)” Party failed to submit reports about the circulation of funds during the electoral campaign between 10 and 23 October 2014. Also, the financial report submitted by the Christian Democratic People’s Party (PPCD) was made in a different form than the one required by the CEC. //