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Election News from November 25, 2014

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3,226,446 citizens with the right to vote have been registered for parliamentary elections

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) informs that, according to the State Register of Voters (SRV), 3,226,446 citizens with the right to vote have been registered for the parliamentary elections of 30 November 2014. The information in the SRV shows the following age profile of voters in Moldova: The CEC also reminds that after the latest general local elections of 2011, there are now 184,000 persons who reached the age of 18 and will be voting for the first time. For the elections of Sunday, 3,112,460 ballots are being printed. // CEC

The CEC certified special ballots for the visually impaired

According to a press release, in order to provide visually impaired persons with the possibility to fully exercise their electoral rights and with the opportunity to use these rights equally with other Moldovan citizens, the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) at its meeting of 24 November 2014 approved the testing of direct voting for visually impaired voters, without assistance from an accompanying person in the polling booth, for the parliamentary elections of 30 November 2014. The testing will take place by using a template envelope in 56 polling places in the country and one polling place abroad.

The testing will be organized by the Alliance of Access to Information and Training Community Centers of Moldova, in partnership with the “Motivation” Association of Moldova, the Association of the Deaf of Moldova and the Legal Aid Center for Persons with Disabilities. // CEC

The socialists will be supported by the “Ravnopravie (Equality)” Movement in parliamentary elections

At a press conference, Valerii Klimenco, head of the “Ravnopravie (Equality)” Movement, said that until 30 November, the activists of his movement will conduct propaganda for the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM). “I am appealing to members of the «Patriots of Moldova», «Renaissance» and “Moldova’s Choice — the Customs Union” Electoral Bloc. You cannot experiment in politics. You should withdraw and offer your place to others, who are capable of getting into the Parliament. You should talk to your supporters and convince them to vote for the PSRM,” Klimenco said.

He also reminded that at the end of last week, the Movement’s Council decided for “Ravnopravie” to withdraw from the electoral race, as it is unable to reach the electoral threshold of 6%. // Infotag

The Association of Former Deportees and Political Prisoners of Moldova supports the PLDM in parliamentary elections

The Association of Former Deportees and Political Prisoners of Moldova urge citizens to support the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM) in the parliamentary elections of Sunday, 30 November. The announcement has been made at a press conference by a group of Association representatives.

“We don’t want into the Customs Union. We are taking into consideration the danger of an eventual retaliation of evil forces, which want to retain Moldova under the influence of the exponents of the former Soviet empire. We find inadmissible the return to power of those who deported and humiliated true sons and daughters of this nation,” said Valentina Sturza, president of the Association. //

An independent candidate warned by the CEC

Anatolie Doga, independent candidate for the Parliament of Moldova, received a warning from the Central Electoral Commission (CEC). According to a draft decision approved by the CEC, the electoral contestant failed to submit on time the report on the money flow during the electoral campaign for the parliamentary elections of 30 November 2014, at the situation of 20 November 2014. //

His Eminence Vladimir urges citizens to exercise their right to vote

His Eminence Metropolitan Vladimir of Chisinau and Moldova made an appeal to citizens, asking them to be responsible and on Sunday, 30 November, exercise their right to vote. “We are nearing elections of the Parliament of Moldova, when, by people’s will and by virtue of people’s trust, there will be elected those who will be deciding the destiny of our country for the following four years. Now, each of us has not only the right, but also the civic duty, to choose representatives into the country’s legislative body,” His Eminence Vladimir says in the appeal.

His Eminence also says that everybody should understand that elections are also a true exercise of civic responsibility, marking the moment when everyone has legitimate power to participate in the elaboration of the country’s course of development. //