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Election News from November 20, 2014

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Report: Mass media continue providing biased coverage of the electoral campaign

The coverage of the electoral campaign by national mass media din not change in the period of 9–15 November, and errors in terms of balance and impartiality are still present. Electoral contestants are favored or disfavored by means of the amount of coverage and the context in which they appear. It is one of the conclusions of the fourth report on the monitoring of mass media during the electoral campaign, produced by the Association of Independent Press (AIP), the Independent Journalism Center (IJC) and the Electronic Press Association of Moldova (APEL) within the Coalition for Free and Fair Elections.

In addition, there still were violations of professional standards, such as presentation of news items of a conflicting nature, citing of a single party in the conflict and production of materials with biased positions. There were also biased materials that showed the author’s position towards the protagonist or the topic covered. // IPN

Two days left to introduce modifications into the lists of candidates

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) announces that Saturday, 22 November 2014, is the last day when electoral contestants can modify their lists of candidates for elections.

The CEC mentions that until 22 November 2014 inclusively, electoral contestants registered by the CEC can make the following modifications: change a candidate in the registered list by withdrawing one candidate and appointing another one; change positions in the list or exclude a candidate from the registered list; withdrawal of a candidate; withdrawal of the list of candidates.

According to the CEC, after this deadline, the registration of an electoral contestant can be annulled only by the electoral authority that registered them, based on a court decision, as well as in case of their death or occurrence of conditions established by article 13 (2) of the Electoral Code. // CEC

Voters can submit applications for voting at the place of their stay

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) informs that in the period of 15–29 November 2014 inclusively voters can submit applications for voting at the place of their stay. According to the electoral legislation, if a voter cannot come to the polling place for reasons of health or other solid reasons, they can apply to the electoral bureau for voting with a mobile ballot box.

Applications must be made in writing, beginning 2 weeks before voting day and until 18.00 on the day preceding voting. On voting day, applications can be made in writing until 15.00 upon presentation of a medical certificate. Only visually impaired persons can also apply for voting at the place of stay orally. The above-mentioned persons vote according to the list of voters for voting at the place of stay, compiled by the electoral bureau of the voting precinct based on their applications, and the persons that are not registered in such a list cannot vote at the place of stay. // CEC

Liberals: we want to know if the PLDM and the PDM will make coalition with the PCRM

The leaders of the Liberal Party (PL) are asking the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM) and the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM) to make public statements and resolutely say whether they will or will not make an alliance with the Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova (PCRM) after the elections.

“Dear colleagues in the PLDM and the PDM, we, the Liberal Party, want to know who you will make coalition with after the elections. It is very important: citizens must know who to vote for and what future to choose: the European Union or the Customs Union. We cannot tolerate that citizens give their votes for the EU, against communists and those who are pleading for the Customs Union, but then get a broad coalition with the PCRM, especially given that the PLDM and the PDM had a shared vote with the Party of Communists in the Parliament, or get a coalition with other parties pleading for the Customs Union, having a pro-Russian policy and being against the European course of the country. Things must be clear before 30 November, and citizens must be informed,” said PL leader Mihai Ghimpu at a press conference.