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Election News from November 5, 2014

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The CEC standardized electoral equipment

According to a Central Electoral Commission (CEC) press release, for the first time for the parliamentary elections of 30 November the CEC standardized the electoral equipment of the voting precincts. The CEC organized in Chisinau a presentation of the new materials and equipment purchased from a joint fund of Moldova and the Government of Norway as part of the UNDP Democracy Program. To demonstrate the functionality and conditions that a voting precinct must meet according to the CEC standards, a model office of a voting precinct was presented, provided with the equipment necessary for good voting conditions.

So, standard voting stations have the dimensions of 50x30x170 cm, and for persons with locomotor disabilities — 50x30x150 cm. Stationary ballot boxes used in voting precincts will be secured with seals bearing the inscription “CEC” and marked with a 6-figure serial number. Every voting precinct office will have at least two stationary ballot boxes with a minimum volume of 80 and/or 45 liters and a mobile ballot box with a minimum volume of 27 liters.

Another novelty in these elections is the nationwide implementation of the State Register of Voters (SRV), a component of the “Elections” Automated Information System (AIS). It is a single integrated information system for registration of voters, created on the basis of the State Register of Population. On Election Day, the operators of the “Elections” AIS will verify the identity data of voters through the SRV and will register online their participation in elections, and at the time of summing up the results, they will promptly send the information to the CEC. For the parliamentary elections of 30 November, 2,066 voting precincts have been opened, including 95 abroad. // CEC

The liberals are accusing the PLDM of assuming the merits of European integration

The Liberal Party (PL) Vice-Chairman Corina Fusu accuses the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM) of attempting to discredit her party during the electoral period and of assuming the merits of European integration. The statement has been made at the “Pahomi” talk show on Realitatea TV television. “They are being unfair. We also voted for annulment of the visa regime and ratified the Association Agreement with the EU. I personally was in a public office during the process that led to signing the Agreement. The PL, which is a European party, voted for all the laws related to European integration,” Fusu said. At the same show, Corina Fusu claimed that the PLDM is trying to discredit the Liberal Party and said that she does not exclude the fact that it might be a revenge for the fact that Vlad Filat had not been voted for the position of prime minister. // IPN

PSRM: the Russian Federation adopted a historic decision for Moldovan workers

According to a press release of the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM), the Federal Migration Service (FMS) of the Russian Federation adopted a historic decision concerning migration of Moldovan workers in the context of the parliamentary elections of 30 November. “At the appeal of the socialists, the Federal Migration Service adopted the following decision: all Moldovan citizens leaving Russia between 5 and 30 November will be able to freely return to Russia. In other words, all Moldovans leaving the country have their violations removed from the Russian FMS database, and upon return they will be able to freely resume their work,” Dodon said.

Prominent personalities supporting the Liberal Reformatory Party

A group of prominent personalities from the field of culture expressed their support for the project, messages and electoral platform of the Liberal Reformatory Party (PLR). According to a PLR press release, that group of personalities includes Iulian Filip, Ianos Turcanu, Vasile Romanciuc and Diana Zlatan-Ciugureanu.

Ecologists are criticizing authorities for their incapacity to solve the problem of embargoes

Moldovan authorities are not reacting to the embargoes imposed by the Russian Federation. The statement has been made by the Ecological Green Party (PVE) Chairman Anatolie Prohnitchi at the “Pahomi” talk show on the Realitatea TV television. “Chisinau should have asked, through international organizations, for stopping these restrictions, acts of intimidation. Moldova should sue the Moscow government in a court of justice. But our authorities are keeping silence. We did not address anyone; we are waiting for someone to take our hand and lead us or ask us to act on behalf of us,” Prohnitchi said. The PVE leader also said that his party wants to pass the electoral threshold in order to be able to solve the problems related to environmental protection. // IPN

The leader of the “Ravnopravie (Equality)” Movement wants a referendum on joining the Customs Union

Valerii Klimenco, leader of the “Ravnopravie (Equality)” Movement, said at a press conference that the first action by the MPs representing the “Ravnopravie (Equality)” Movement in the new Parliament will be setting up a referendum on the issue of joining the Customs Union. “The reason is that over 60% of the population are expressing their wish for the country to join the Customs Union, whose base is Russia. We will formulate the question for the referendum as follows: ‘Do you want Moldova to become a subject of the Russian Federation?’ I assure you that we will be supported by the majority of the country’s population,” the politician claims. //

An electoral contestant is asking the Government to open more voting precincts in Russia

A group of representatives of the “Alegerea Moldovei — Uniunea Vamală (Moldova’s Choice — the Customs Union)” Electoral Bloc organized a protest in front of the Government building, where they were asking authorities to open more voting precincts in the Russian Federation. Protesters believed that the five voting precincts that are to be opened in Russia are too few for the about 700 thousand Moldovans that are staying on the territory of that country. // Publika TV