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Election News from November 4, 2014

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A PACE delegation visiting Moldova

A delegation of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), led by Jean-Claude Mignon, will come for a visit to Moldova beginning on 5 November. European officials will assess the course of the electoral campaign and the political climate before the elections of 30 November. The PACE delegation will have meetings with the Head of State, President of Parliament, leaders of parliamentary groups and civil society representatives. Previously, European representatives said that a correct and democratic conduct of elections can lead to Moldova being no longer under the monitoring of the Council of Europe. Moldova has been monitored by the PACE since 1995. // Publika TV

The CEC refused to register an independent candidate

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) refused to register independent candidate Alexandru Mitcul for the elections of 30 November 2014. According to the CEC, candidate Alexandru Mitcul violated the electoral legislation by failing to present signature sheets. He also failed to present the independent candidate’s symbol in electronic form. It should be mentioned that the draft decision was examined in the candidate’s absence, as he did not attend the CEC meeting, motivating his absence by not being in Chisinau. //

The voting places for residents of the left bank on the Nistru have been decided

The Moldovan citizens residing in the Transnistrian region will be able to vote in several voting precincts on the right bank of the Nistru. A draft decision in this regard has been approved today at a meeting of the Central Electoral Commission (CEC). According to the decision, the citizens residing in Bender municipality and in some places in the Causeni region will be able to vote in one of the voting precincts, opened at: “Galata” middle school, “Spiru Haret” lyceum in Chisinau, “Calea Ferata” State Enterprise, “Transenergoreparatii” JSC, “Stefan cel Mare” lyceum in Chisinau, “Nicolai Gogol” lyceum in Balti, lyceum in the Gura Bicului village of Anenii Noi region, “Ion Creanga” lyceum in the Varnita village of Anenii Noi region, Copanca village of Causeni region, Firladeni lyceum. //

PCRM: the Reformatory Communist party is outlawed

The Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova (PCRM) has informed in a press release that the Chisinau Court of Appeal accepted the PCRM application concerning suspension of the Ministry of Justice decision on registration of the Reformatory Communist Party of Moldova (PCR). According to communists, “the Central Electoral Commission must exclude this clone ‘party’ from the electoral race,” because otherwise it will be in violation of the current legislation. “Furthermore, the so-called ‘reformers’ have no right to use the symbol registered by the ministry in question,” says the communists’ press release.

The Liberal Party requests starting criminal investigations on some politicians

The Liberal Party (PL) is asking for initiation of criminal lawsuits concerning some party leaders and businessmen acting in the interests of the Russian Federation. The announcement has been made at a press conference by PL Chairman Mihai Ghimpu and Vice-Chairman Valeriu Munteanu. According to them, the list of such persons includes the socialists’ leader Igor Dodon and businessman Ilan Shor, who is president of the Administration Board of the Bank of Economy and president of a company that leased the Chisinau International Airport. Speaking about Igor Dodon, the liberals declared that he must be punished for high treason in the form of collaboration with the secret services of another country. In this context, the Liberal Party appeals to citizens to not vote for the pro-Russian parties, but to support the European course of Moldova and the pro-European parties. //

Sergiu Mocanu: we will either get into the Parliament or declare elections fraudulent

Sergiu Mocanu, leader of the Antimafia People’s Movement (MPA), said that if his political group fails to get into the Parliament, it will be a sign of fraudulent elections. He made this statement at the “Politica” talk show on TV7 television. Sergiu Mocanu also said that if the movement gets into the Parliament, it might form some coalitions, with the exception of the parties pleading for the Customs Union. But such political entities would have to meet some conditions. “The elected prosecutor should be from another country, and Plahotniuc and Filat must get into prison for violations of law,” Mocanu specified. // TV7

The PLDM and the PPE are supporting candidate Klaus Iohannis in the elections in Romania

The European People’s Party (EPP) President Joseph Daul and the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM) Chairman Vlad Filat made a joint statement concerning the presidential elections in Romania, in which they expressed their support for candidate Klaus Iohannis. “We are appealing to all candidates that participated in these elections to unite and support Klaus Iohannis, candidate of the European People’s Party. We are calling for all Romanian citizens in Romania, Moldova and the entire world to mobilize and thus prevent the victory of the socialist candidate in the elections of 16 November,” the joint declaration says. The results of the first round of presidential elections in Romania show that Victor Ponta and Klaus Iohannis, the center-right candidate, qualified for the second round. We shall remind that before the first round of elections in Romania, Prime Minister Iurie Leanca publicly declared his support for the candidate of the Social Democratic Party of Romania, Victor Ponta. // PLDM

The PLDM office in Cricova has been vandalized

According to a press release of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM), in the evening of 31 October 2014, unidentified persons stole the flags of Moldova, the EU and the PLDM that had been placed on the front wall of the PLDM primary organization’s office in Cricova, and the support structure for the three flags had been destroyed. After new flags were set up, acts of vandalism continued in the evening of 3 November, when the PLDM flag was torn into pieces. In this context, the primary organization in Cricova notified the police inspectorate of the Riscani district of Chisinau about this case and asked for the culprits to be identified and punished according to the law.