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Election News from November 7, 2014

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The Central Electoral Commission registered the last electoral contestant

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) registered Anatolie Doga as independent candidate for the parliamentary elections of 30 November 2014, as well as his electoral symbol. By this moment, 26 electoral contestants have been registered, including 21 political parties, one electoral bloc and 4 independent candidates.

The number of voting precincts has been set

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) informs that for the parliamentary elections of 30 November, 2,073 voting precincts have been opened, including 95 abroad. Also, for a good organization and conduct of these elections, 17,682 electoral officials will be involved, including 317 in district electoral councils, and the rest — in the electoral bureaus of voting precincts. // CEC

The CEC has introduced changes into the lists of candidates for the PLDM and the PDM

At the request of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM) and the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM), three ministers have been temporarily excluded from the lists of candidates: Minister of External Affairs Natalia Gherman, Minister of Transport Vasile Botnari, and Minister of Information Technology and Communications Pavel Filip. According to the two parties, the ministers have been excluded from the lists of candidates for the reason of there being “important tasks for the Government, which cannot be postponed.” Withdrawal is temporary and for a short time, and before elections, they will all return into the lists of candidates. //

The BCC has warned several broadcasters providing biased coverage of the electoral campaign

The Broadcasting Coordinating Council (BCC) has issued public warnings for the broadcasters that violate the Regulations for the coverage of the electoral campaign for the parliamentary elections of 30 November. The BCC decided to issue public warnings for the televisions Prime, Publika TV, Canal 3, Canal 2, N4, TV 7, Jurnal TV, Accent TV, Euro TV and Ren Moldova. The RTR Moldova channel received only a notice. Other 12 broadcasters around the country received public warnings because, despite having announced that they would provide coverage for the electoral campaign, they failed to submit the weekly reports required by the BCC. According to the BCC findings, only two televisions, Moldova 1 and Pro TV, provide impartial coverage of the electoral campaign. // IPN

A group of military officers joined the Liberal Reformatory Party

At a press conference, several generals, colonels, officers and commanders, participants in the war on the Nistru, declared their support for the Liberal Reformatory Party (PLR) and appealed to citizens to vote for this party during the parliamentary elections of 30 November. //