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Election News from November 26, 2014

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The CEC requests exclusion of the “Patria” Party from the electoral race

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) addressed an application to the Chisinau Court of Appeal, requesting the annulment of the CEC decision on registration of the “Patria (Homeland)” Party (PP) as electoral contestant for the parliamentary elections of 30 November 2014. The decision has been made as a result of a notification from the General Police Inspectorate claiming that the PP had received over 8 million lei from abroad in order to use it in the electoral campaign.

In this context, the Commission also requests the Chisinau Court of Appeal to order collection, for the benefit of the State, of the amounts received by this electoral contestant during the electoral campaign. In addition, the Commission allowed the law enforcement to conduct legal investigation of candidates on the list of the “Patria” Party. // CEC

More ballots for parliamentary elections

At the request of several district electoral councils, the number of ballots has been increased with 1,127 items under a decision approved by the Central Electoral Council (CEC). Thus, for the Sunday voting, a total of 3,113,576 ballots will be printed. For the Balti municipality, the number of ballots will be 243 less than initially, i.e. 107,490. Also, 22 ballots less will be sent to the region of Basarabeasca; 34 ballots less to Nisporeni; and 10 ballots less to Donduseni. In addition, the electoral district of Anenii Noi requested 76 ballots more, reaching 69,303 ballots. Stefan Voda will receive 102 ballots more; Cantemir — 122 ballots more; and Hincesti — as many as 628 ballots more.

According to the State Register of Voters, 3,226,446 citizens with the right to vote have been registered for the parliamentary elections of 30 November 2014. //

The people of culture are supporting pro-European parties

At a press conference, a group of people of culture made an appeal to citizens, urging them to participate in parliamentary elections and to vote for pro-European parties. Sandu Grecu, president of the Theater Union, said that this year is just as important as the one when the Declaration of Independence was voted. “We are together with the parties that are showing us the European way. I personally support the PLDM [Liberal Democratic Party], which kept its promise,” the theater director said. In his turn, Spiridon Vangheli mentioned that Sunday will be a historic day for Moldova. “We will be putting on scale wisdom and the future. We must choose only Europe,” the writer said. // Moldpres

Civil society urging citizens to vote

Several civil society representatives are urging citizens to participate in the voting of 30 November and choose pro-European parties, saying that only they will offer to the country a chance to further development. The appeal, presented at a press conference, mentions that the process and results of the elections of 30 November might be decisive for the perspective of further existence of Moldova as a State. “Just like Moldova voted for its independence 23 years ago, we are calling you to exercise the most important democratic right by voting on 30 November. These elections are taking place in an extremely complex geopolitical context,” the appeal says. // IPN

The PLR asks for televised debates with the participation of all electoral contestants

The Liberal Reformatory Party (PLR) made a public appeal for the organization of national televised debates at the public television, Moldova 1, on Friday before the parliamentary elections of 30 November. “Thus, citizens would be able to knowingly compare all electoral offers, not only the ‘pieces’ obtained from the debates based on random choice of participants, which have so far taken place during the campaign,” the party’s press release says. //