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Election News from October 24, 2014

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Vitalia Pavlicenco: PNL will not withdraw from the election race

The National Liberal Party (PNL) will not withdraw from the election race in favor of other parties, as it did in 2009. The announcement was made by PNL leader Vitalia Pavlicenco during the Fourth Power (“Puterea a Patra”) TV show broadcast by the N4 channel. She rejected the appeal of the Democratic Party leader Marian Lupu, who asked the extra-parliamentary parties to withdraw from the election race so as not to diminish the number of votes for the “parties that have chances”. “Marian Lupu should better take care of his own party, which, just like the Liberal Party, is floating at the limit and nobody knows whether it will be able to pass the electoral threshold”, Pavlicenco said. // IPN

The court rejected the PDM application against the Antimafia People’s Movement

The Centru district court rejected the application of the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM) against the Antimafia People’s Movement (MPA) concerning the interdiction to hold demonstrations and rallies in the immediate vicinity of the meetings organized by the PDM. According to democrats, the PDM submitted the application after candidate Sergiu Mocanu and several of his colleagues in two different cases tried to instigate to violence the citizens who participated along the PDM in electoral events: on 18 October in Cantemir and on 19 October in Nisporeni. // IPN

The OSCE initiates the mission of monitoring the 2014 parliamentary elections

Over 200 observers from the OSCE Office of Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) will monitor the parliamentary elections of 30 November. The first group of 22 observers will start its long-term monitoring mission next week. Other 200 observers will be engaged in a short-term mission and will arrive in the country several days before the elections. Experts will focus on the conduct of the electoral campaign, the funding of parties and possible manipulation on Election Day. Preliminary monitoring results will be made public on 1 December, and an exhaustive report will be publicized in February. //

The first independent candidate to participate in parliamentary elections

Municipal councilor Oleg Cernei is the first independent candidate that submitted documents for participation in the parliamentary elections of 30 November 2014. He presented to the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) over 3,000 supporting signatures to register for the elections. Oleg Cernei promises to be closer to people and to their needs upon obtaining a seat in the Parliament, and during his electoral campaign he intends to provide reasons for the appropriateness of setting up a uninominal electoral system. // Unimedia

The CEC regulates the organization of electoral meetings

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) adopted a decision setting the conditions for organization of electoral meetings during the campaign for the parliamentary elections of 30 November. According to the document, electoral contestants will have to inform the local public administration and the law enforcement authorities in advance about the intention to organize an electoral meeting, but they will not, however, need any type of permit. Also, the CEC decision provides that two or more electoral contestants shall not organize and conduct simultaneously electoral events in the same place. Electoral meetings conducted on the premises of public institutions must take place outside working hours, and participation in them shall be voluntary. // IPN