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Election News from November 17, 2014

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Simplified voting procedure for Moldovans abroad

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) adopted a decision, according to which, for the elections of 30 November 2014 the voters that are abroad will sign for abstaining from multiple voting directly in electoral lists. The principal and additional electoral lists for the voting precincts abroad will be supplemented with a new section with the following content: “I am signing, according to Article 53 (31) of the Electoral Code, and declare on oath that I will abstain from multiple voting.”

Thus, Moldovan citizens with the right to vote that are abroad will sign in electoral lists, opposite their names, twice: initially for the declaration on abstaining from multiple voting and then confirming the receipt of the ballot from a member of the electoral bureau. According to the CEC, those who will not sign the declaration of abstaining from multiple voting will not be allowed to vote. // CEC

Communists filed an application to the Constitutional Court

The Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova (PCRM) filed an application to the Constitutional Court, asking for interpretation of constitutional provisions in order to clarify whether members of the Government dismissed by a motion of no confidence for acts of corruption are compatible with exercising the function of member of the Government and whether they have the right to be elected as members of the Moldovan Parliament in the future.

Communists remind that on 5 March 2013 the government led by Vladimir Filat was dismissed as a result of a motion of no confidence. The motion referred to the full Government, i.e. Prime Minister Vladimir Filat and each minister in part. Currently, the majority of them are in the lists of electoral contestants for the parliamentary elections of 30 November 2014. Also, the Constitutional Court, in its decision of 22.04.2013, stipulated that appointment as minister of a person that had held this position and had been dismissed under a motion of no confidence for suspicions of corruption is contrary to the principles of the rule of law, without saying anything about the other members of the Government, says the PCRM in its application.

The PSRM contests a law and a Government decision at the Constitutional Court

According to a press release, the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM) is contesting at the Constitutional Court the law on water and sanitation, according to which people are paying for the services that they had not used.

The second application concerns Government Decision no. 872 of 20.10.2014 on organization of voting precincts abroad. Socialists are outraged by the fact that 90 voting precincts were opened for European countries and the USA, where only about 200 thousand Moldovan citizens are staying, while only five precincts were planned for the about 700 thousand Moldovans in the Russian Federation. //

The CEC could not determine the number of ballots

Members of the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) could not determine the number of ballots that are to be printed for the elections of 30 November. After repeated discussions and a 30-minute break, without reaching a consensus, the CEC members postponed this issue until the meeting of 18 November. Thus, the draft decision initially provided for printing 3122430 ballots, but four members of the Commission said it was too much for the number of voters that are in electoral lists. According to the draft decision, 2403962 ballots are to be printed in the Romanian language and 708534 — in Russian. At the same time, the CEC Chairman Iurie Ciocan explained that the number of ballots increased after increase of the number of electoral bureaus abroad, which are to be provided with the maximum admissible number of ballots. //

The “Parliament-90” Association urges citizens to vote

Moldovan citizens are called to actively participate in the parliamentary elections of 30 November in order to support the pro-European democratic forces and to oppose hostile forces, which “want to throw Moldova into the abyss of totalitarianism.” The appeal comes from the first presidents of Moldova, Mircea Snegur and Petru Lucinschi, and from the members of the “Parliament 90” Public Association, who organized a forum called “European Itinerary of the Republic of Moldova — historic destiny, national destiny”.

At the end of the forum, participants signed an appeal to citizens, urging them to be aware of the historic moment we are in and to give their votes for “a government that will continue the course towards Western civilizations until complete integration of Moldova into the European Union,” the declaration says. //

Democratic ministers returning into the electoral list of the PDM

Minister of Economy Andrian Candu, Minister of Information Technology Pavel Filip, and Minister of Transport and Road Infrastructure Vasile Botnari are returning into the electoral list of the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM). The decision has been made at today’s meeting of the Central Electoral Commission. Andrian Candu will enter the list under number 4, Pavel Filip — number 6, and Vasile Botnari — number 11. //

Renato Usatii’s offer for Alexandr Petkov

Renato Usatii, top of list of the “Patria (Homeland”) Party for the parliamentary elections of 30 November, invited communist Alexandr Petkov to become a candidate of his party. The invitation has been made on Usatii’s personal page in a social network.

The offer followed after the Party of Communists (PCRM) rejected Petkov’s initiative to urgently convoke a Parliament meeting on the issue of water supply bills. “We know the principled and uncompromising position of the communist MP Alexandr Petkov. That is why I invite him to join the electoral list of the «Patria (Homeland)» Party and continue in the Parliament his fight against corruption and bureaucracy,” Usatii writes.

Alexandr Petkov refused to comment Usatii’s offer, while the head of the PCRM electoral staff, Artur Resetnicov, said that he now understood the meaning of some colleagues’ actions, but that they would not hinder the PCRM in attaining its goal in the elections of 30 November. //

The Democratic Action Party launched the “Take your blocking package” campaign

At the event, Democratic Action Party chairman Mihai Godea urged voters to participate in the elections of 30 November, but to vote against “the three Vlads” (Vlad Filat, Vlad Plahotniuc and Vladimir Voronin — editor’s note). The MP called all the citizens dissatisfied with how Moldova had been governed over the past 5 years, to “take their blocking package on 30 November, thus giving a vote of censure to the political control of justice, economy and mass media.” //