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Election News from November 11, 2014

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Two electoral contestants warned for violations of legislation

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) issued a warning for the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM) and the Liberal Party (PL) for violations of the Electoral Code. The PDM has been warned for the actions of the dismissed minister of culture Monica Babuc, who spoke, and even awarded a financial prize, on behalf of the ministry at an event organized in a theater. The second case concerns Gheorghe Ojog, a mayor that is member of the PL and a candidate in elections. He, despite being legally required to suspend his work in the public office, signed and applied the mayor’s office stamp on an act. According to the CEC, it is an obvious illegal attribution of duties. The CEC also approved some changes to the list of the PLDM. Natalia Gherman was re-entered into position 4, and candidate Ion Platon was excluded from the list. //

The CEC approved the model and text of the ballot

Today, the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) established the order of electoral contestants in the ballot for the parliamentary elections of 30 November 2014, as follows:
  1. Democratic Party of Moldova
  2. Christian Democratic People’s Party
  3. People’s Power Party
  4. Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova
  5. Liberal Reformatory Party
  6. Reformatory Communist Party of Moldova
  7. Antimafia People’s Movement
  8. National Liberal Party
  9. Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova
  10. “Alegerea Moldovei — Uniunea Vamala (Moldova’s Choice — the Customs Union)” Electoral Bloc
  11. “Democratia Acasa (Democracy at Home)” Party
  12. People’s Party of the Republic of Moldova
  13. Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova
  14. Liberal Party
  15. “Renastere (Renaissance)” Party
  16. “Patria (Homeland)” Party
  17. Democratic Action Party
  18. Ecological Green Party
  19. “Ravnopravie (Equality)” Movement
  20. Oleg Cernei
  21. Oleg Brega
  22. “Patriots of Moldova” Party
  23. Valeriu Plesca
  24. Anatolie Doga
  25. Centrist Union of Moldova
  26. “Pentru Neam si Tara (For Nation and Country)” Party
At the same meeting, the CEC approved the model and text of the ballot for the parliamentary elections of 30 November 2014. According to the CEC, the ballot will be printed on white matte paper and will bear protection marks, in order to avoid falsifications. The left side of the ballot will bear the symbols of parties, electoral blocs or independent candidates, and the right side will have space for the application of the “voted” stamp. The names of electoral contestants will be printed in capital letters. // CEC

An online platform for monitoring electoral processes has been launched

The Promo-LEX Association has launched the platform, which is aimed at monitoring electoral processes and involvement of the society into the parliamentary elections 2014 by notifying about electoral actions. Users are encouraged to visit the “Send a notification” section in order to inform about the electoral advertisements, electoral presents, electoral concerts, activities of electoral authorities, etc. in their communities. Thus, citizens have the possibility to follow the actions of electoral contestants on the territory of Moldova. The platform was launched as part of the Effort of Monitoring Parliamentary Elections 2014 by the Promo-LEX Association. //

Oleg Cernei notifies about violations in procurement of homes

Oleg Cernei, independent candidate for the parliamentary elections of 30 November, said at a press conference that over 25 million lei had been illegally allocated by the finance department of the Chisinau Mayor’s Office to some prosecutors, police officers and judges as social help for procurement of homes. According to Cernei, there have been violations in the case of the Transnistrian refugees and employees of law enforcement authorities who requested state-owned apartments from the municipal authorities. The candidate specified that the decision on financial aid throughout the period of 2012–2014 had not been approved by the Chisinau Municipal Council, and that the allocated amount reached 25 million lei. The councilor asked the Ministry of Interior, the National Anticorruption Center and the General Prosecutor’s Office to take note of this fact and to verify the legality of the “transactions” conducted at the Mayor’s Office. //