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Election News from November 14, 2014

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The CEC issued warnings to two electoral contestants

Two electoral contestants received warnings from the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) for failure to submit financial reports within the required deadlines. They are the Democratic Action Party and the “Ravnopravie (Equality)” Movement. The CEC also found that other electoral contestants submitted financial reports on time and that the reports were produced according to the current legislation. // CEC

The PLR condemns the Government decision on dismissal of the “Moldsilva” director

The leaders of the Liberal Reformatory Party (PLR) disapprove of the situation inside the Pro-European Coalition after the Government today dismissed the general director of the “Moldsilva” Agency, Stefan Chitoroaga, who is also a member of the PLR. “All that happens during this electoral campaign has a clear electoral tint. The fact that our colleague has been dismissed today, unfairly, in our opinion, is inadequate and prejudices trust for the Government. We repeatedly asked for convocation of the Coalition’s Council, but no reaction followed. It is a clear violation of the Coalition Agreement,” PLR leader Ion Hadarca said. //

Dorin Chirtoaca returns into the Liberal Party’s list of candidates

Chisinau General Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca said at a press conference that he is returning into the Liberal Party’s list of candidates for the parliamentary elections of 30 November. Therefore, Dorin Chirtoaca will suspend his work as the general mayor of Chisinau, and his duties will be taken over by vice-mayors Nistor Grozavu and Vlad Cotet. At the same time, the liberal said that until 30 November he will actively participate in the electoral campaign and explain to people why they should choose European orientation for Moldova.

IRI opinion poll: six political parties pass the electoral threshold

If elections in Moldova took place next Sunday, six political parties would get into the Parliament, according to the opinion poll conducted by Baltic Surveys/The Gallup on request of the International Republican Institute (IRI). The results of the poll showed that the Party of Communists would obtain 23%, the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova — 22%, the Democratic Party — 14%, the “Patria (Homeland)” Party — 10%, the Liberal Party — 8%, and the Party of Socialists — 6%.

The poll conducted on request of the IRI indicates that 64% of Moldovans definitely decided to vote, and only 6% said they would not do it. The politicians enjoying the most trust from the population are, according to the survey, Vladimir Voronin with 24%, Iurie Leanca with 22%, Vlad Filat with 17%, Marian Lupu with 15%, Dorin Chirtoaca with 12%, etc.

At the same time, 46% of citizens choose Moldova’s association with the European Union, while 42% — with the Customs Union. For and against our country’s association with the NATO would vote 31% each.

The opinion poll was conducted on a sample of 1,200 respondents with a margin of error of +/-2.8%. Data were collected between 20 September and 20 October 2014 by Magenta Consulting. //

The BCC imposed fines on several televisions

The Broadcasting Coordinating Council (BCC) fined six televisions for favoring a single political party, thus violating for the second time the rules on the coverage of the electoral campaign for the parliamentary elections of 30 November 2014.

The televisions that were fined for failure to comply with the rules are as follows: Prime, Publika TV, Canal 3, Canal 2, Jurnal TV and Euro TV. The most criticized by the BCC were Prime, Publika TV, Canal 3 and Canal 2, which received the maximum fine of 5,400 lei, having been accused of clearly favoring the PDM and Marian Lupu. An average fine of 3,200 lei was imposed on Jurnal TV for providing unbalanced coverage of the electoral campaign and presenting the Democratic Party only in a negative light. At the same time, Euro TV received a minimum fine of 1,800 lei for slightly favoring the Liberal Democratic Party. //