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Election News from November 10, 2014

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Voters can verify the correctness of electoral lists

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) announced that between 9 and 29 November the correctness of electoral lists can be verified both at the offices of voting precincts and online, by accessing the CEC website.

According to the electoral legislation, voters can apply to the electoral bureau according to their domicile or residence in order to request, based on identity documents, inclusion into or exclusion from the list, correction of the errors made upon entering data about themselves or other voters. Furthermore, the CEC specifies that a voter can be registered into a single electoral list at a single voting precinct based on the documents proving their domicile in the area of that voting precinct. A person having a domicile and residence is registered, for the period of validity of that residence, into the electoral list at the voting precinct that their place of residence refers to. // CEC

The CEC published the financial reports of electoral contestants

Over 48 million lei have been spent by the 15 electoral contestants that presented their financial reports for the first month of the electoral campaign. According to the reports published by the Central Electoral Commission, the biggest spenders are the representatives of the Democratic Party of Moldova with 19.7 million lei received from over one thousand individuals in the form of donations. The second place has been taken by the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova with expenses of 17.58 million lei due to the help of 164 private sponsors.

The third in the top is the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova with 4.882 million lei from 61 persons. It is followed by the Liberal Reformatory Party with expenses of 3.388 million lei received as donations from 42 persons. The Party of Communists spent 1.254 million lei from 153 persons, and the Liberal Party — 1.199 million lei from 15 persons.

The most modest in terms of finances have been the representatives of the National Liberal Party, with expenses of 6 thousand lei, the Reformatory Communist Party with 50 lei, and the “Democratia Acasa (Democracy at Home)” Party with not a single leu of expenses for the electoral campaign. // Infotag

The PACE assessed the electoral campaign for the elections of 30 November

The “peaceful” and “calm” nature of the electoral campaign for the elections of the new Parliament of Moldova has been noted by the delegation of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), which conducted a monitoring of the campaign in the period of 5–6 November. At the same time, according to a PACE press release, the delegation is concerned about the parties’ expenses for the electoral campaign, having noticed the “role of businessmen and oligarchs in Moldovan politics.” Members of the delegation expressed their regret that the current Parliament failed to adopt the law on the funding of political parties and electoral campaigns.

The above-mentioned document noted the “improvement of the media coverage by public broadcasters.” However, the delegation pointed out “the opacity of the sources of financing of some media outlets, whose holding companies are allegedly registered off-shore, a lack of transparency concerning their ownership, the control of media by a number of businessmen and oligarchs, and their close ties to political parties.”

The PACE delegation also mentioned “unbalanced distribution of the 95 polling stations abroad,” which are to be opened so that Moldovan citizens working abroad could participate in elections. Members of the delegation mentioned the changes in the electoral legislation of Moldova, particularly, the increase of the electoral threshold for entering the Parliament, contrary to the Venice Commission recommendations. The PACE document also says about cases of use of administrative resources for electoral purposes and the buying of votes, particularly the involvement of representatives of the church into the electoral campaign to support some political parties. // Infotag

Protest with frozen apples in front of the Government

A group of members and supporters of the People’s Party of the Republic of Moldova (PPRM) organized a protest in front of the Government building, where they unloaded several boxes of frozen apples. The farmers present at the event threatened the government that if no solutions are found to compensate their losses, they will go for mass protests and will come to the center of Chisinau with tractors. Protesters brought placards, some of which were bearing the following phrases: “Your lies freeze apples”, “Excuse us for not producing as much as you steal”. Other placards carried information about how many tons of apples froze in different regions. // IPN

Democrats supported by the independence war veterans

A forum of the National Union of Independence War Veterans of Moldova took place in Chisinau, where its leadership announced that the independence war veterans are joining the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM) in the elections of 30 November 2014. The veterans decided to not stay aside before the elections of 30 November, because they see that some political forces are acting against the national interest and threatening with destabilization of the situation in the country. “The price of indifference could be too big. That is why we decided to not only make ourselves heard, but to also support the only party that, while in government, will guarantee stability on the territory of Moldova. The PDM is the only party that can guarantee stability and fully meets our expectations,” explained the Union’s Chairman Eduard Maican. // IPN

Socialists are asking for exclusion of democrats from the electoral race

The representatives of the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM) sent several notifications to law enforcement authorities about alleged violations committed by the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM) during the electoral campaign. The PSRM accuses the PDM of using non-declared funds, claiming that the amount of advertising expenses exceeds the threshold set by the Central Electoral Commission. According to socialists, the electoral advertising of the PDM appears in the newscasts of four televisions (Prime TV, Publika TV, 2 Plus and Canal 3), which is a violation of the CEC regulations. The socialists’ representative in the CEC mentioned that these actions discriminate other electoral contestants. //