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Daily Election News on the 2016 Presidential Election

November 15, 2016
ENEMO mission presented its conclusions regarding the quality of November 13 elections Igor Dodon: I organized 560 protests in the last four years, so do not play with fire Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) launched an online petition to declare the election null PLDM and PLR: in the second round there were illegalities[]
November 14, 2016
Final preliminary results of the elections of 13 November Igor Dodon says he will be everyone’s president Maia Sandu considers elections were neither free nor fair The missions of observers: the elections were held according to democratic standards Protests demanding repeated presidential elections More than 6,000 people signed a petition calling for CEC and MFA leadership resignation Constitutional Court: CC is not for the determination of appeals MFA provides first reaction on voting abroad CEC regrets the situation where many citizens could not express their right to vote Promo-LEX presented the results of parallel vote tabulation Reversed preliminary results in three polling stations[]
November 11, 2016
CEC stresses the fact that campaigning is prohibited on e-day and the day before it Igor Dodon made his final conclusions with regard to the campaign Maia Sandu has repeatedly announced her priorities for the Presidency Igor Dodon and Maia Sandu “forgot” to report some expenditures from the first round CCA sanctioned seven TV channels for disseminating of false information Presidential candidates have signed a declaration of integrity[]
November 10, 2016
Monitoring Report concludes that mass media had biased coverage of presidential candidates The Socialists presented Igor Dodon’s top 10 achievements during his mandate as minister of economy Maia Sandu declares general mobilization to vote EPP and ALDE chairmen released a joint statement on the November 13 elections Several groups of citizens have expressed support for Igor Dodon[]
November 9, 2016
CEC increased the number of printed ballots with over 23 thousand copies Igor Dodon reiterates eight things he will do as president Environmentalists, PPRM and “Sfatul Tarii 2” Movement urge voters to support Maia Sandu Vasile Tarlev and Movement “Voievod” urges voters to support him Igor Dodon[]
November 8, 2016
CEC clarifies voting procedures during the second round of the election Veterans of the war with Transnistria and a group of reserve generals and officers urge voters to support Maia Sandu Blogger allegations about Party “Action and Solidarity” receiving donations from Ilan Sor PSRM rebukes “falsehoods” about Igor Dodon[]
November 7, 2016
Vox Populi opinion poll estimates Igor Dodon and Maia Sandu chances in election run-off “Parliament 90” and Party “The Right” urges voters to support the common candidate Maia Sandu to file a complaint with CEC against defamatory material distributed by Igor Dodon Nicolae Timofti points out that electoral statements should not damage relations with neighbors[]
November 5, 2016
Igor Dodon could be declared persona non grata in Ukraine[]
November 4, 2016
CEC has increased the number of ballots for polling stations abroad Mayors, retired ff political parties have declared their support for Maia Sandu A group of priests and expressed their support for the candidate Igor Dodon Maia Sandu team debunks Igor Dodon accusations with regard to suicide among children[]
November 3, 2016
Parliament refused to examine the draft bill on student vote A group of young people protested the CEC because they can not vote at their place of study Renato Usatii and the Russo-Slavic Party of Moldova urged their supporters to vote for Igor Dodon Dumitru Ciubasenco announced its position towards the socialist candidate Artists and scientists launched a call to support of Maia Sandu Pro TV Chisinau carried out the first debates with candidates Igor Dodon and Maia Sandu[]
November 2, 2016
CEC decided to organize the second round Additional polling stations for the runoff can not be opened Report: media institutions continued to reflect the unbalanced candidates Moldovans studying in Romania will have free transportation to vote on November 13 runoffs The “Shor Party” has renounced the boycott of the second round of presidential elections The website launches an online poll regarding candidates’ chances in second round[]
November 1, 2016
ENEMO will monitor the run-off of Presidential elections Party of Communists to boycott the presidential election runoff Maia Sandu has multiple demands with regard to November 13 election Igor Dodon: Moldovan President has no powers to change the geopolitical vector[]
October 31, 2016
The preliminary results of the presidential elections of 30 October Igor Dodon: citizens want a leftist government Maia Sandu: I will be everyone’s president Iurie Leanca urges citizens to vote for Maia Sandu the second round of the presidential elections Promo-LEX reports cases of violence or intimidation of voters in polling stations Preliminary findings of international observers with regard to October 30, elections[]
October 29, 2016
CEC has issued a statement with regard to the published photos of stamped ballots The candidates submitted their financial reports to CEC People with limited mobility will have the possibility to go to polling stations using the social taxi[]
October 28, 2016
Campaigning is prohibited on election day and the day before it Broadcasting Coordinating Council has fined seven TV stations for improper campaign coverage Promo-LEX Report find draws attention to an insufficient readiness of polling stations Marian Lupu was withdrawn from the ballot Igor Dodon signed a public commitment that he will not enter into a coalition with the governmental parties Mihai Ghimpu has one pre-condition for his withdrawal from the presidential race Ana Gutu and Dumitru Ciubasenco to stay in the electoral race Irina Vlah and the Party “Renastere” urged voters to opt for Igor Dodon[]
October 27, 2016
Report points to the media continuing biased coverage of campaign despite some minor improvements Iurie Leanca and Valeriu Ghiletchi continue their electoral race Maia Sandu warns about many untruths published in the press lately Metropolitan Vladimir urges citizens to vote for Igor Dodon Artur Croitor urges voters to damage the ballots Vasile Tarlev has urged citizens to vote for Igor Dodon Maia Laguta considers herself to be the most enduring presidential candidate Do not expect that the President of Moldova will be a Superman or Superwoman[]
October 26, 2016
Marian Lupu withdrew from the presidential race Maia Sandu: we do not need Democratic Party support Igor Dodon considers Marian Lupu’s withdrawal as confirming that Maia Sandu is the candidate agreed upon in US Students will vote in the locality where they are studying A group of PCRM members urges voters to support Igor Dodon Pavel Filip demands maximum professionalism on October 30, 2016[]
October 25, 2016
CEC: voters without residence and domicile will be able to vote on October 30, 2016 Maia Sandu accuses Democratic Party of bullying mayors PDM is puzzled by manipulations from the part of several mayors who declared support for Maia Sandu Dumitru Ciubasenco considers Usatii investigation is politically motivated Socialist People’s Party of Moldova expressed their support for Igor Dodon Vadim Brinzan declares its support for Maia Sandu Vladimir Voronin urges citizens not to participate in elections of October 30[]
October 24, 2016
Arrest warrant issued in the name of Renato Usatii Moldovans studying in Romania could travel for free on the presidential e-day Andrei Nastase presented his final financial report to CEC Inna Popenco calls upon her voters from Orhei to boycott elections More than 3 million ballots to be printed for the October 30 elections Democratic Party supporters mobilize to support Marian Lupu[]
October 22, 2016
Inna Popenco excluded from the presidential race CEC offered Maia Sandu 48 hours to provide the full financial report[]
October 21, 2016
European Parliament’s EPP Group urges pro-European candidates to support a single candidate Inna Popenco excluded from presidential race CEC voted Andrei Nastase’s withdrawal from the race and changed the electoral symbol of Maia Sandu Poll placing Igor Dodon and Marian Lupu as voters’ favourites Siegfried Muresan requests CEC additional explanations about the number of polling stations opened abroad Monica Macovei sent a support message for Maia Sandu[]
October 20, 2016
BOP presents top candidates for becoming President of Republic of Moldova CEC calls for the exclusion of candidate Inna Popenco from the presidential competition Inna Popenco is disappointed by the decision of CEC with regard to her exclusion from the electoral campaign Andrei Nastase submitted his withdrawal letter to the CEC Oazu Nantoi summons Iurie Leanca to withdraw from the electoral race Maia Sandu together with Angela Merkel, Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker[]
October 19, 2016
Monitoring Report points to mass-media continuing manipulation in the electoral campaign A group of deputies of the first Parliament expressed their support for Maia Sandu Poll credits PSRM and PAS candidates as having highest chances of making it to the second round of the presidential elections[]
October 18, 2016
CEC will ask the State Fiscal Service to verify the origin of donations received by candidates Liberal Reformist Party welcomes PAS and PDA decision to have a single candidate Igor Dodon promises friendship with Russia and protection of Orthodoxy CEC accredited national and international observers to monitor presidential election Convicted for bribing voters during the 2015 local elections Vladimir Voronin wrote to Angela Merkel and Jean-Claude Juncker[]
October 17, 2016
CCA presented the monitoring report on TV stations coverage of the election campaign Candidates submit their financial reports for the first two weeks of campaign Marian Lupu presented his electoral program Maia Sandu urgees the authorities to review the voting procedure for students Social Democratic Party urges PSRM and PN to put forward one candidate in the presidential elections of October 30 Ecologist Green Party welcomes the decision of PDA, PAS and LDPM to nominate a single candidate Mihai Ghimpu intends to ask US authorities to investigate the thefts in the banking sector Plahotniuc still favours the idea that Moldova should be run by a pro-European president[]
October 15, 2016
CEC informs that voters can request to vote at home Party “Platform Dignity and Truth” has decided to support the Maia Sandu on October 30 elections PLDM will support Maia Sandu in the presidential elections EPP welcomes the decision of PDA, PAS and PLDM to support Maia Sandu for the position of President of the Republic of Moldova Iurie Leanca does not withdraw from the electoral race[]
October 14, 2016
Moldovans abroad will be able to vote with expired passport Ana Gutu: political parties have become employment agencies CEC has established the number of ballots for the elections of October 30[]
October 11, 2016
CEC approved the model of the ballot and the registration order for candidates PAS is ready to withdraw its candidate if not leading in the second survey PDA offer: Andrei Nastase — President, Maia Sandu — Prime Minister Vasile Tarlev filed suit against CEC and requests his inclusion in the electoral race Igor Dodon: geopolitical factor may count for the second round, the rest is a battle between the opposition and governance Andrei Nastase: I want Moldova to become EU member Mihai Ghimpu: We are the strongest unionist party Maia Laguta: surveys is a technique to manipulate voters[]
October 10, 2016
Voters can check electoral lists Dumitru Ciubasenco: we intend to create the fourth Moldavian Republic Silvia Radu launched her electoral campaign for October 30 Ombudsman: people with mental disabilities are denied the right to vote Vitalia Pavlicenco sues CEC[]
October 5, 2016
Maia Sandu officially launched her campaign for presidential election IRI survey: the chances of electoral candidates for President of the Republic of Moldova Vladimir Voronin calls for excluding Mihai Ghimpu from presidential race PDM reaction to Maia Sandu’s initiative to install cameras in polling stations Marian Lupu: Dodon puts into practice a political project conceived outside Moldova After the dissolution of Parliament, Ciubasenco aims to sign a Decree no. 2 Andrian Candu: Russia is involved in our domestic politics before the presidential election[]
October 4, 2016
CEC will open 30 additional polling stations on the left bank of Nistru Ilan Sor was registered as a trustee Study: eight TV stations deviated from professional norms Maia Sandu requested video cameras in polling stations Leanca: it is not the case for triumphal statements[]
October 3, 2016
OSCE/ODIHR observation mission began Mihai Ghimpu officially launched his electoral campaign A new opinion poll shows the favorites in elections Inna Popenco launched her electoral campaign[]
September 30, 2016
Preliminary entry order in the ballot of the last 8 candidates Marian Lupu officially launched his electoral campaign Igor Dodon officially launched his electoral campaign Dumitru Ciubasenco officially launched his electoral campaign[]
September 29, 2016
PACE delegation: the electoral campaign is characterized by a geopolitical split CEC has registered three candidates for president 8 more candidates have submitted subscription lists to CEC Pavel Filip: presidential election can not be rigged PCRM asks for Alexandru Tanase resignation Vadim Brinzan failed to collect the required number of signatures Mihai Corj withdrew from the presidential race Geta Savitcaia withdraws from the presidential race Marian Lupu met with senior officials in Bratislava, New York and Brussels[]
September 28, 2016
CBS-AXA survey on the chances of the candidates for president Artur Croitor interrupts his signature collection process Mihai Ghimpu: Moldova missed the chance to join EU Andrei Nastase: election fraud is obvious MDL 450,000 to be spent by Chisinau municipality for presidential elections[]
September 27, 2016
Socialists have registered a motion of no confidence against Filip Government Supreme Court rejected PDA appeal on canceling Marian Lupu registration Pavlicenco: election results will disappoint citizens Iurie Leanca would not propose Vlad Plahotniuc for PM Plahotniuc about Maia Sandu attacks on PDM[]
September 26, 2016
Inna Popenco was registered as a candidate for president PDM reconfirms the correctness of petitions submitted in support of Marian Lupu CEC invites candidates and media outlets to sign a Code of Conduct The government has decided to open 100 polling stations abroad Mihai Ghimpu: a “Council of Sages” will prepare the unification[]
September 23, 2016
Igor Dodon presented to CEC petitions for presidential elections Anatol Plugaru withdraws from the presidential race CEC asks for longer working days for registrars in the sector administrations Mihai Ghimpu: small unionist parties would better withdraw from presidential race Iurie Leanca asks CEC to allow citizens living abroad to vote with expired passports Maia Sandu: if the governmental candidate wins, the election will be rigged Marian Lupu attended the annual meeting of social-democratic heads of state and government Andrei Nastase paid a working visit to Washington Igor Dodon met with the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia[]
September 22, 2016
Dumitru Ciubasenco and Maia Sandu presented to the CEC their subscription lists Iurie Leanca urges candidates to look to the West Mihai Ghimpu: unification is the only solution PAS remains committed to designating a common candidate PCRM protested at the CC against the decision of March 4, 2016[]
September 21, 2016
Voting procedures for students and pupils Moldovans living abroad can vote in diplomatic representations Maia Sandu had a meeting with EPP President Mihai Ghimpu addressed a letter to young unionists Dumitru Ciubasenco: if they falsify elections the consequences will be very serious Pavlicenco about how unionist is Mihai Ghimpu Valeriu Ghiletchi filed a complaint to CC on quota of signatures for presidential elections Igor Dodon met with the President of the Hungarian Parliament[]
September 20, 2016
3570 citizens pre-registered online to vote on October 30 PDA requests the extension of pre-registration deadline for voters abroad Vasile Tarlev: local authorities block the collection of signatures Expert: Transnistrian voters can not vote consciously[]
September 19, 2016
Inna Popenco submitted to the CEC subscription lists for presidential elections The Court of Appeal rejected the request to cancel Marian Lupu’s registration Valeriu Ghiletchi addressed to citizens Maia Sandu submitted a complaint to the Constitutional Court[]
September 18, 2016
Andrei Nastase was registered as a candidate for president CEC accredited observers to monitor presidential elections Maia Sandu: one of Plahotniuc’s “aces in the sleeve” is Igor Dodon Igor Dodon reaction to Maia Sandu statements[]
September 17, 2016
CICDE launched a Call Center for the presidential election[]
September 16, 2016
Four political parties have received money from the state ACC: 103 broadcasters will cover the electoral campaign Iurie Leanca was registered as a candidate for president Vadim Brinzan: citizens can check how they pay for governors luxury “Dignity and Truth” Platform launched an information campaign[]
September 15, 2016
The candidates with the highest chances in the presidential race Promo-LEX Report: candidates are using administrative resources and report less spending Businessmen are called to support Andrei Nastase Maia Sandu: illegalities were committed at the signing of the investment agreement in Giurgiulesti Port[]
September 14, 2016
A group of NGOs urge people to boycott presidential elections An initiative group faces difficulties in collecting signatures PNL leader: Some are unionists just before the elections Iurie Leanca had a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel[]
September 13, 2016
Mihai Ghimpu was registered as a candidate for president It was established the ceiling for “Electoral Fund” account “Dignity and Truth” Platform sued CEC and an electoral contestant PDM calls CEC not to register Andrei Nastase as a candidate 3,237,072 — The total number of voters in the State Register of Voters[]
September 12, 2016
Andrei Nastase presented to the CEC subscription lists for presidential elections Journalists will monitor the integrity of the electoral candidates An independent candidate presented his electoral slogan and symbol Andrei Volentir: there will be opened 100 polling stations abroad[]
September 10, 2016
CEC have reacted on the identification of deceased persons in SRV Marian Lupu was registered as candidate for President CEC registered the last eight initiative groups for collecting signatures of support Oleg Brega withdrew from the electoral race[]
September 9, 2016
Iurie Leanca submitted to the CEC petitions in his support for presidential elections CEC registered other three initiative groups[]
September 8, 2016
Five other candidates have applied for the registration of initiative groups Iurie Leanca filed a complaint to the CEC on election materials distributed by PSRM[]
September 7, 2016
Voters new place of residence can be presented until September 29, 2016 “Ravnopravie” Socio-political Movement nominated its candidate for President Democrats launched two information campaigns[]
September 6, 2016
CEC registered two initiative groups to collect signatures of support Mihai Ghimpu submitted to the CEC subscription lists for presidential elections CEC approved the Regulation on electoral campaign coverage in mass media PSRM calls for opening more polling stations in the Russian Federation[]
September 5, 2016
Two independent candidates have applied for registration of initiative groups[]
September 4, 2016
Marian Lupu submitted to the CEC subscription lists for presidential elections CEC registered 5 other initiative groups to collect signature[]
September 3, 2016
A candidate for President has requested registration of the initiative group[]
September 2, 2016
Four more candidates for President have applied for registration of initiative groups Five parties have nominated a common candidate for presidential race Nine initiative groups registered to collect signatures[]
September 1, 2016
Three other candidates for president have applied for registration of their initiative groups[]
August 31, 2016
Several political parties nominated their candidates for presidential race[]
August 30, 2016
CC decision on restoring citizens’ right to choose their president by direct vote October 30, 2016 — the day of presidential elections Parliament voted the new composition of the Central Electoral Commission Parliament adopted amendments to the Electoral Code CEC informs about online registration prior to presidential elections The election period began on August 31, 2016 CEC presented the total number of voters in the State Register of Voters ACC adopted the “Concept on electoral coverage of the presidential elections of 30 October 2016”[]