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Daily Election News on the 2011 Local Elections

June 22, 2011
Explanations concerning vote recounting in Chisinau Number of female mayors is on the rise Timetable of first sitting of elected councillors Suspected PCRM candidate withdraws from CMC[]
June 21, 2011
Recounting in Durlesti cancelled Repeat elections in Condratesti PCRM demands annulment of runoff voting, seeks repeat elections[]
June 20, 2011
Chirtoaca nominated winner after thrilling night Winner’s first statements Igor Dodon not feeling himself defeated[]
June 17, 2011
Ballot papers in Chisinau to be recounted Ballot recounting instruction Scanned reports published on CEC website Election monitoring report CEC to report voting and preliminary results “Democracy at Home” Movement demands contradictions PL reveals luxury living conditions of PCRM candidates, organises car parades Igor Dodon reacts to accusations against PCRM councillor PCRM makes totals of campaign during a meeting PCRM leader releases new call on electors Maia Laguta against all[]
June 16, 2011
Media monitoring reports CEC reports voting on supplementary lists PL accuses PCRM of promoting former criminals Igor Dodon and municipal councillors of PCRM accused of abuses PCRM candidate brings new accusations against Dorin Chirtoaca “Working” sitting of PCRM councillors Afghan war veterans call for support for Dodon Prosecutor’s Office confirms forgery of Romanian Official Gazette to PL[]
June 15, 2011
Demand on recounting of ballot papers turned down Environmentalists support PL candidate Liberals call upon Court of Appeal Artists support Chirtoaca PCRM candidate meets international observers PDM signals assaults in Hincesti, calls for fair campaign[]
June 14, 2011
Recounting of ballots for Durlesti council Reports on candidates running for runoff vote CEC calls for civilised campaign, seeks limited closed area for voting PL candidate heads political ranking Pro-Chirtoaca Europeans PL plan on economic development of Chisinau PCRM accuses Moldova 1 Priests discuss with Dodon PCRM candidate assists victims of natural disasters[]
June 13, 2011
CEC reports elected mayors Pre-electoral survey awards victory to Dodon Dorin Chirtoaca tables programme for suburbs, apprises Prosecutor-General’s Office Athletes and Party for Unification of Moldova support PL candidate Dodon does not care about Chirtoaca’s appeal, meets veterans[]
June 10, 2011
CEC sets runoff vote Explanations regarding results of elections in Chisinau municipality PCRM not willing again to meet US representatives PCRM candidate accused of fake and denunciation of fake Provocative meeting of PCRM councillors Mihai Godea to support PL candidate PPM candidate in Ghidighici signals violations[]
June 9, 2011
Foreign Ministry replies to Russian MFA AIE supports Dorin Chirtoaca Former AMN member criticises AIE, but invites electors to support it PCRM candidate accuses mayor of corruption, apprises prosecutor’s office PCRM seeks dismissal of AIE and CEC, calls on voters PL seeks recounting of ballots for municipal council[]
June 8, 2011
Russian Foreign Ministry not warming results of Moldovan elections Electoral coverage by Teleradio was fair Elections in Gagauzia fit international standards Promo-LEX explains failure of surveys PCRM signals presence of “jigger” Political nature of June 7 murder to be considered[]
June 7, 2011
Blast in centre of Chisinau CEC releases preliminary results PL leader holds news conference PDM describes participation in campaign as right decision[]
June 6, 2011
Long-drawn ballot counting for Chisinau City Hall Categorical victory of PCRM in Balti Comrat mayor re-elected[]
June 2, 2011
Reports on media conduct CEC intends to introduce innovations for polling booths Doubtful growth of voters’ number Estate of PDM candidate set on fire Appeal by PL candidates PLDM leader calls on voters, describes campaign and invites PDM PNL is deeply indignant at campaign methods PCRM leader calls upon electors[]
May 31, 2011
CEC accredits new observers CEC gives green light to phone campaign Mihai Godea recalls the loss of confidence, is surprised with BOP survey PDM seeks a meeting of AIE leaders before June 5 elections PSD candidate supported by unions PLDM to bring full lighting PL candidate urges PCRM contestant to step down, Diaspora representatives support him[]
May 30, 2011
New observers accredited Voters from Corjova face problems Survey by Sociology of Politics Laboratory BPO survey PL billboards vandalised Electoral social march PLDM releases platform for suburbs PSD candidate opens social market PNL accuses PL and PLDM PCRM candidate gets 200,000 electoral commandments[]
May 27, 2011
Polling station from Corjova, some stations from Causeni relocated Call for fairness and financial transparency Record ballot paper in Comrat First electoral poll “Forta a Treia” candidate injured PSD candidate keeps accusing PCRM contestant PCRM candidate declines accusations of PSD contestant PLDM signals new fabrications, wants to demolish booths and arrange parks Mihai Godea wants to modernise public infrastructure[]
May 26, 2011
CEC calls against gifts Electoral campaign is “dirtier than ever before” PCRM calls for consolidation, but gets negative answer PLDM accuses post office of obstruction “Forta a Treia” opposes legalisation of Islam[]
May 25, 2011
Exit-poll for June 5 elections Documentation offices will be open on June 5 Mobile electoral education Electoral violence gainsaid PL candidate supported by ecologists and Anti-Mafia Movement PCRM candidate still accused of damages, but will support Zoo Better public transport seen by Mihai Godea[]
May 24, 2011
Financial reports by independent candidates in Chisinau Civic control signals campaign-related violations Invalids of local wars and conflicts from Dubasari will bar elections in Corjova PCRM candidate accused of manipulation PLD candidate accuses deputy mayor of capital PL has solutions for PCRM headquarter PLDM threatened to be killed[]
May 23, 2011
Polling stations accept applications for voting at home April 7 victims seek withdrawal of PCRM candidate PSD candidate competes with PCRM, calls against PL contestant Mihai Godea proposes 7 economic redress steps Political city holiday in Balti[]
May 20, 2011
New financial reports by contestants AIS “Elections” to be tested Bitter confrontations on radio Electoral curiosities: three contestants have same names, another two are relatives Laptops from Chisinau support PL, vandals destroy its advertising in territory[]
May 19, 2011
CEC secretary not supporting Comrat’s appeal Periodicals seeking investigations and sanctions PCRM candidate visiting Brussels PLDM seeking pedestrian area Mihai Godea saves Parliament, but faces persecutions so far PL representatives signalling assaults PNL accusing CEC[]
May 18, 2011
CEC backs wishes of disabled people Training for female candidates PPCD signals violation of decision-making transparency PDM seeks stronger local autonomy Response by PLDM candidate from Balti PLD candidate brings supporters who accuse City Hall Electoral dispute in the middle of road “Patriots of Moldova” Party seeks back historical territories[]
May 17, 2011
Controversies around Corjova polling station 70-centimetre ballot paper in Chisinau SEEMO accuses Moldovan authorities While court releases suspected fakers Third Force candidate promises reward for crime-related information New communist party in Moldova Statement by PDM candidate PSD candidate recalls law on Chisinau’s status PLDM invited to withdraw candidate from Balti as well[]
May 16, 2011
Training seminars Correctness of voter rolls PCRM candidate signs Conduct Code, calls for fairness Third Force concerned about funding of some education institutions Single independent candidate joins the campaign PDM candidate brings accusations PSD concepts Dorin Chirtoaca makes promises to doctors[]
May 13, 2011
Prosecutor’s Office takes control of the electoral situation JCC informed about the polling station in Corjova PLDM accuses unprecedented attacks PL came to a game without opponents Dodon has waited Chirtoaca in other place The PPCD candidate waits for Chirtoaca, too PSD candidate makes international appeals PDM reaction to statements of the PPCD candidate for Balti Former AMN member deplores the situation of AIE[]
May 12, 2011
New information about media monitoring Persons with disabilities wish to have conditions for voting Verbal duels remain monologs and turn up in sport competitions Ex-democrat candidate to municipal councillor New accusation of fraud in capital city hall “Third Force” fights with tariffs Minister of Economy promises “Economic umbrella”[]
May 11, 2011
International election observation PLDM commitment for upgrading road infrastructure Duel Chirtoaca — Dodon Mihai Godea identified the reasons of failures The youngest candidate has proposals for youth PLD candidate continues to disclose fraudulent schemes PLDM launched in Cahul PSD candidate calls for cleanliness[]
May 10, 2011
Just one independent candidate runs for Chisinau City Hall Dodon’s blog hacked PDM notifies PDM plants roses PL finds doers, wants no billboards and posters Appeal by Party for Unification of Moldova PNL seeks equal rights for citizens from Transnistria PSD candidate “keeps silence” 9 candidates run for Balti City Hall[]
May 6, 2011
PLDM takes the strategic decision — to support the current mayor in local elections Mihai Godea about PLDM decision to support the current mayor of Chisinau PL candidate, Dorin Chirtoaca, welcomes the PLDM decisions PDM will not withdraw its candidate in favour of Chirtoaca For PCRM candidate, Igor Dodon, the PLDM decision is a gift CEC approves the first financial reports Awareness raising campaign “From small to Great” PLD candidate invokes a mafia system in Chisinau city hall is attacked PPCD posted billboards PCRM calls on people again Seven candidates for Comrat city hall[]
May 5, 2011
Dorin Chirtoaca filed documents Mihai Godea filed registration documents PSD officially runs PDM candidate also signs the Code of Conduct PLD has candidate for mayor The meeting Godea-Plahotniuc is invalidated Another independent candidate for the Council Valentina Buliga launches the strategy to support industry[]
May 4, 2011
Government wishes to condemn the electoral conviction Coalition for Free and Fair Elections launches monitoring and education of voters Violation in mass media and Internet PCRM launched the “social offer for Chisinau” A billboard with Igor Dodon was vandalised Prosecution refutes the allegations against PCRM Youth and the “Third Force” PDM candidate promises sports yards in capital city PSD candidate requests the general mayor to evacuate the stone from the central square Liberal youth is ready for electoral race PNL candidate has a separate platform on municipal transportation PLDM relies on students Rejected candidates in Balti re-enter in electoral circuit Last session of Chisinau municipal council[]
May 3, 2011
Filing documents from competitors in the capital city end upon May 5 CEC hotline is not quite famous PLDM deputy chair leaves the party and wished to run in elections The candidate of democrats has launched advertising billboards and made congratulations on Press Freedom Day Priorities of PPCD candidate PLDM candidate signs and regrets PCRM wants to “save Moldova” Young communists support the campaign “St. Gheorghe Ribbon” PSD candidate promises premiums to “Zdob & Zdub” The campaign is going on without violations — opinion of some observers[]
April 30, 2011
PCRM starts its national race PCRM calls on nation Candidates in Comrat Registration of several independents was rejected in Balti Politics also at rugby match[]
April 29, 2011
PLDM announces Commitment to Economic Recovery of Chisinau Valentina Buliga congratulates Moldova 1 PDM invokes possible electoral diversions Dodon congratulates chess players[]
April 28, 2011
Bandit attack on PLDM candidate PCRM has solutions for youth PLDM proposes “Affordable housing” PNL insists on fighting corruption in the municipal administration The media invokes pardons on political criteria[]
April 27, 2011
PL and PD launched the campaign on national level PCRM launches music works and harsh criticism of reforms Republican Party gathers supporters Statements of support by Ziarul de Garda CEC awards motivational slogans Anti-mafia Movement does not run, but maintains A Coalition for monitoring elections is announced[]
April 26, 2011
Four more competitors for the City Hall of the capital city PLDM denounces the authour of “Ziarul de Chisinau” Women are underrepresented in electoral campaign PLDM files the lists of candidates for local councils Active electoral race in Balti[]
April 22, 2011
PL promises 20,000 jobs in Chisinau PL has launched the website of the candidate for Chisinau city hall PLDM launched the Moldovan TANDEM PDM accuses PLDM and PCRM of “political raider” PLDM promises to bring the “rats” out to light PNL unhappy by CECC activity PCRM candidate “prepares the bridges” Chisinau-Moscow PL has questions to PCRM candidate PSD wants to make the world better CEC has accredited national observers[]
April 21, 2011
PLDM candidates start before the official registration PCRM candidate also starts before the official registration PL starts after the official registration Former AMN member Alexandru Oleinic will launch a new party after the summer elections Migration from PDM is denied PSD also has filed documents for city council[]
April 20, 2011
PDM candidate has filed documents for registration Promo-LEX will monitor the elections throughout all the country PL accuses artificial jams[]
April 19, 2011
The first electoral bloc — “The Third Force” Patterns and colours of ballots CCA monitors the involvement of broadcasters in the campaign Training of electoral officials and judges[]
April 18, 2011
First applications for registration CEC hotline PACE calls for actions[]
April 15, 2011
CEC constituted constituency councils Errors in electoral lists Ceiling the electoral funds The public broadcaster has changed the editorial policy for the electoral period Oleg Cernei joins liberals[]
April 13, 2011
The number of vacant seats for local elections is clarified Another potential candidate for mayor in Chisinau — Valeriu Klimenco NGOs mobilize communities[]
April 12, 2011
Rules for placing advertising on billboards The first electoral bloc PSD comes up with a new candidate[]
April 11, 2011
Electoral news from PL[]
April 10, 2011
PLDM Congress[]
April 9, 2011
AMN joins PLDM United Moldova could support the candidacy of Valeriu Plesca for the mayor position of the capital Socialist Party proposes Valentine Krilov[]
April 8, 2011
The parties and media are invited to sign the Code of Conduct CEC approved the Regulations on electoral campaign coverage Over 58 million lei are needed to hold elections PCRM alleges intentions of fraud “Our Home — Moldova” appointed the candidate[]
April 7, 2011
Igor Dodon launched “I love Moldova” campaign[]
April 6, 2011
It is requested to do not interfere in the media editorial policy The Concept on how to cover the electoral campaign is approved[]
April 5, 2011
The list of parties that compete in local elections CEC approved the Calendar Plan, established the second level constituencies and approved several instructions for local elections The first survey to assess the electoral chances[]
April 4, 2011
Concerns about the situation in Corjova[]
April 2, 2011
PCRM has announced its candidate for the Capital City Hall[]
April 1, 2011
Setting the date of the local elections and amending the Election Code[]