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Election News from April 20, 2011

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PDM candidate has filed documents for registration

Democratic Party candidate for Chisinau Municipality City Hall, Valentina Buliga, has filed documents to the Chisinau Electoral Council for registration in the electoral race. PDM candidate said that the first steps she will take in case of victory will be to ensure the welfare of all city inhabitants and infrastructure development, development of services for citizens.

Promo-LEX will monitor the elections throughout all the country

Promo-LEX Association, with the support of the National Democratic Institute (NDI) Moldova, launched the monitoring of general local elections of 5 June 2011, in which 40 long term observers and 700 short term observers will participate in election days. Promo-LEX announces it will conduct special operations in some constituencies: Monitoring activities are conducted within the Civic Coalition for Free and Fair Elections. (Source: Promo-LEX)

PL accuses artificial jams

The team of the Liberal Party was to start running in electoral campaign on April 20, but the event was postponed because the Chisinau Constituency Electoral Council (CECC) did not include on the agenda of the meeting the registration of candidates for municipal councillors. In opinion of the general mayor of municipality, Dorin Chirtoaca, CECC decision is “ungrounded and unclear; such things happen only upon a political order”. In turn, Iulian Balan, CECC chairman states that the agenda did not include also the registration of competitors for the City Council because the council members have failed to examine all files and because there are “fewer members than it should be; many persons appointed by various parties avoid to fulfil the duties”.