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Election News from May 23, 2011

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Polling stations accept applications for voting at home

During May 22 — June 4, voters can apply for casting ballots at home. Such a procedure is available for voters who will not be able to go to polling stations and cast their ballots there for health-related or other serious reasons. Such voters will be able to vote with the help of a mobile box, if they submit written applications to electoral bureaus of polling stations. In accordance with CEC instructions, just blind people can seek the right to vote at home, including orally. (Source: CEC)

April 7 victims seek withdrawal of PCRM candidate

Several victims of the April 2009 riots do not warm statements by the PCRM candidate running for the Chisinau Mayor office, Igor Dodon, who called them during a TV programme as “pseudo April 7 victims.” Protestors including Radu Banari, Eugen Bogdan, parents of Damian Hancu and Valeriu Boboc, gathered in front of the monument of Stefan the Great and urged the PCRM candidate to publicly apologise for his statements and withdraw from electoral race.

PSD candidate competes with PCRM, calls against PL contestant

The PSD candidate running for Chisinau Mayor, Sergiu Coropceanu, tells voters that he competes with the PCRM candidate running for the same office, Igor Dodon, and calls against PL candidate Dorin Chirtoaca. Coropceanu says that “the communists have worked in the detriment of the city and its residents and the mayor continued their actions; the communists built a corrupt system in the City Hall and Dorin Chirtoaca preserved all public functionaries.” The PSD candidate blames representatives of the two parties for the corrupt scheme that authorities have recently identified inside of “Moldova-Gaz” Company. Coropceanu fears that the proposal to build a refuse processing plant was born by “Italian Mafia” and should be turned down. (Source: PSD)

Mihai Godea proposes 7 economic redress steps

Parliamentarian Mihai Godea, independent candidate running for Chisinau Mayor, proposes an economic platform called “Seven Steps for a Modern Local Economy” to develop Chisinau municipality. Key elements of the platform are: As a concrete solution to an important problem faced by Chisinau municipality and other cities, Godea recommends a draft law to introduce a new local tax called public parking tax into Fiscal Code. According to the draft law tabled by Godea as member of Parliament, car owners would pay the tax to local budget while matriculating, taking annual technical revision, paying traffic taxes, and the new tax would be set by local public authorities concerned and would depend on status of administrative territorial unit. The new tax would be at least 1 leu per month (12 lei per year) and would be enforced with some explanations and differentiation, and local authorities would be able to increase it and introduce related facilities. According to estimates, a 1-leu monthly public parking tax for cars in Chisinau municipality would bring additional revenues of about 3 million lei, which would allow authorities to develop or build underground, floored parking sites or parking in courtyards of dwelling blocks.

Political city holiday in Balti

PDM representatives claim that for the first time in history of Balti, the city holiday celebrated on May 22 turned into a party action and electoral show to eulogise the PCRM, the acting administration of the municipality. Ion Bodrug, PDM member of Balti Municipal Council, stated that municipal manifestations dedicated to the 590th jubilee of the city had a political nature and aimed to make electoral advertising for PCRM. Earlier, the rector of the Balti-based State University “Alecu Russo” called against participation of students in the “parade” dedicated to the City Day on May 22, 2011, fearing that it would have “a political and propagandistic nature.” (Source: hotnews.md)