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Election News from May 30, 2011

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New observers accredited

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) has accredited observers to monitor the general local elections on June 5, 2011 on behalf of the Russian Embassy to Moldova, the Belarusian Embassy to Moldova, the US Embassy to Moldova, and the Promo-LEX public association. CEC accredited 14 more interview operators on behalf of the Sociological Research and Marketing Centre C.B.S.-AXA to conduct the exit poll at polling stations on June 5, 2011.

Voters from Corjova face problems

The relieved mayor of Corjova commune, Valeriu Mitul, who runs for a new mandate, has told a news conference that electoral candidates from Corjova are obstructed to meet voters, economic agents and heads of institutions from this locality are threatened against elections, and about 1,000 members of the so-called Cossack committees are preparing provocations for the Election Day. According to Mitul, if they fail to obstruct people to participate in elections, the separatist authorities will do everything for the victory of their representative. (Source: Info-Prim Neo)

Survey by Sociology of Politics Laboratory

According to a survey by the Scientific Research Laboratory Sociology of Politics, 45.8 percent of electors in Chisinau municipality would vote PCRM candidate Igor Dodon, and 43.1 percent would elect PL contestant Dorin Chirtoaca. If a runoff vote is organised, similar results would be registered and Igor Dodon would be winner. PDM candidate Valentina Buliga would win 4.7 percent of the votes of respondents, and independent candidate Mihai Godea would garner 1.8 percent. According to the survey, 47.9 percent of respondents trust the most in Igor Dodon and 44.8 percent in Dorin Chirtoaca. As for the Chisinau Municipal Council, 35 percent of respondents would vote the PCRM and 27.5 percent would elect the PL. PLDM would win 7.5 percent of the vote and PDM would gain 4.5 percent. Twenty-one percent of electors would be undecided. The survey was conducted during May 12–15 on a sample of 1,203 respondents.

BPO survey

The Institute for Public Policy has released the May 2011 Barometer of Public Opinion, which reveals the following results for the question “Who would you elect mayor-general of the capital?”

Other candidates running for the seat of Chisinau mayor would win less than one percent and about 24 percent of respondents did not know who they would vote or did not answer.

Asked “ The candidates of what political parties would you elect to the Chisinau Municipal Council?” the respondents answered:

About 20 percent of respondents did not know or did not answer this question.

Asked “The candidates of what political parties would you elect to the District Council?” the respondents answered:

About 35 percent of respondents did not know or did not answer this question.

The poll was conducted during May 6–24, 2011 by the Centre of Sociological, Politological and Psychological Analysis and Investigations CIVIS on a sample of 1,152 people, with a sample of 662 persons from Chisinau municipality. The maximal error margin is 3.0% at national level and ± 4% for Chisinau municipality. (Source: IPP)

PL billboards vandalised

Unknown persons have vandalised electoral billboards featuring Andrei Rosca, candidate running for the seat of Codru mayor on behalf of the Liberal Party (PL). PL notified the police and regrets that such cases are on the rise. It invites all candidates to respect the legal norms, to prove political maturity and to hold an honest battle during and after electoral campaign. (Source: PL)

Electoral social march

The Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova organised a protest march on May 29, which brought together between 10,000 and 15,000 people, according to diverse estimates. The manifestation adopted a resolution seeking the categorical and unconditional resignation of the ruling alliance. (Source: PCRM)

PLDM releases platform for suburbs

Candidates to the Chisinau Municipal Council on behalf of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM) have released a commitment on development of suburbs of the Chisinau municipality. The No 1 priority of PLDM is to redress the economy of the Chisinau municipality and “to restart industrial engines outside of the city” The PLDM team will promote a good connection of all suburbs with Chisinau city, full renovation of all roads, good public transport, and renovation of social infrastructure. PLDM will support all suburbs regardless of their political colour to get extra-budgetary funding from international donors.

PSD candidate opens social market

The PSD candidate running for the seat of Chisinau mayor, Sergiu Coropceanu, has participated in the opening of the first Social Market for Mothers and Children in Botanica district. The market proposes products for children, appliances, hygienic products, books and products for education and development of children. (Source: PSD)

PNL accuses PL and PLDM

The National Liberal Party (PNL) has released a communication saying that PL Deputy Valeriu Munteanu, former mayor of Floreni village, Anenii Noi rayon, along with a PL candidate running for the seat of mayor in the same locality and a PLDM representative from Floreni have abusively withdrawn a billboard featuring PNL candidate Alexandru David from a private building, where it was installed with the consent of the owner. According to the PNL communication, the PL deputy and the provost make disloyal pressings on electoral candidates. PNL is ashamed with the PL conduct and invites this party to avoid an impertinent behaviour. At the same time, PNL asks the CEC, police and prosecutor’s office to make PL, PLDM and PD representatives respect the law in the ongoing electoral campaign. (Source: PNL)

PCRM candidate gets 200,000 electoral commandments

The PCRM candidate to the Chisinau City Hall has met electors at the National Opera and Ballet Theatre and presented all demands and opinions of citizens regarding the development of Chisinau municipality, collected by PCRM supporters the last weeks. Igor Dodon introduced all PCRM candidates to the Chisinau Municipal Council who received 200,000 commandments from Chisinau residents. Dodon promised to collect such wishes and commandments every six months after elections and report them in front of electors. (Source: Unimedia)