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Election News from June 10, 2011

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CEC sets runoff vote

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) has set the runoff vote for June 19, 2011, with 513 Moldovan localities including the Chisinau municipality being expected to elect mayors. The first two candidates who won most of votes at the June 5, 2011 elections will be included in the ballot papers in the decreasing order of the number of ballots gathered in the first round.

Explanations regarding results of elections in Chisinau municipality

The Central Electoral Commission has brought some explanations after receiving the original reports from electoral bureaus of polling stations in the Chisinau municipality:

PCRM not willing again to meet US representatives

In response to an invitation by the former candidate for the office of US president, Senator John McCain to meet PCRM leader Vladimir Voronin, the Central Committee of the Party of Communists has released a public statement saying that:

PCRM candidate accused of fake and denunciation of fake

Dorin Chirtoaca, PL candidate running for Chisinau mayor, has replied to accusations brought by PCRM contestant, introducing evidence that Igor Dodon falsified the Official Gazette of Romania when he presented it as a proof of alleged frauds related to the purchase of trolleys for Chisinau. According to Chirtoaca, some information copied from Romania’s Official Gazette was substituted in the appeal submitted to the prosecutor’s office. The incumbent mayor accuses Dodon of having delivered false statements to accuse the municipality of corruption and frauds, and that’s why he will appeal to the prosecutor’s office to investigate the denunciation of fake and will ask the law court to oblige the PCRM candidate to buy 100 new trolleys for the Chisinau municipality as a damage for the attempt on professional reputation, honour and dignity. (Source: PL)

Provocative meeting of PCRM councillors

The PCRM candidate running for Chisinau mayor has organised a working sitting in the City Hall together with the 26 newly-elected PCRM councillors. Igor Dodon instructed the councillors to present a report and initiatives on problematic areas of the capital within one week. Although the PCRM candidate assured that he knows the legal procedure and the councillors did not get their mandates yet, they met all together in the City Hall. The PCRM candidate was surprised with the PL demand to the law court to recount the ballots for the Municipal Council, saying that a component of the ruling alliance is strangely doubting with the legality of elections which they had to monitor themselves. (Source: Moldpres)

Mihai Godea to support PL candidate

The former independent candidate for Chisinau mayor, Mihai Godea, will support PL candidate Dorin Chirtoaca in the runoff vote and invites his supporters to elect Chirtoaca. Godea appreciates the unity of AIE leaders to support Chirtoaca in the runoff vote and assures that this is the best candidate for Chisinau mayor. However, Godea promises to criticise Chirtoaca in case of mistake.

PPM candidate in Ghidighici signals violations

Oleg Bolotnicov, candidate of the Party “Patriotii Moldovei” (Patriots of Moldova) to the office of mayor of Ghidighici suburb of Chisinau, is sure that the June 5 general local elections were falsified and demands a repeat electoral scrutiny. Bolotnicov assures that his observers have recorded many electoral violations: According to CEC data, Bolotnicov won 30 out of 2,645 valid votes in Ghidighici. (Source: Vocea Basarabiei)