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Election News from June 14, 2011

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Recounting of ballots for Durlesti council

Buiucani Law Court has ordered the recounting of ballot papers for the Durlesti Local Council, giving green light this way to an appeal by representatives of the Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova. A special commission will recount the ballot papers within 48 hours.

Reports on candidates running for runoff vote

The Central Electoral Commission informs that 15 political parties will participate in the runoff vote. The 1,024 candidates running for seats of mayors represent the following electoral contestants:

Sixty-one independent candidates will run for mayors.

An analysis by ADEPT reveals the following candidates for the runoff vote:

CEC calls for civilised campaign, seeks limited closed area for voting

In connection with the June 19-scheduled runoff vote and repeat elections in some localities, the Central Electoral Commission invites all players participating in the electoral process to help holding a honest electoral campaign based on democratic principles, political pluralism and respect for freedom of expression, thinking, secret of vote and press freedom. It invites political parties to hold the electoral campaign in a climate of confidence, mutual respect and respect for electors.

The Central Electoral Commission has obliged electoral bureaus of polling stations to withdraw curtains from polling booths for secret vote, and keep the others. Electoral bureaus will install the polling booths so that to allow voters to cast their ballots secretly. According to CEC, this measure aims to combat and prevent eventual electoral frauds, as well as to facilitate the monitoring of electoral operations. The decision was adopted by 5 CEC members, with those who did not vote it fearing that it could reduce the fairness of elections and assuring that it is just a recommendation for electoral bureaus.

PL candidate heads political ranking

Dorin Chirtoaca, candidate of the Liberal Party running for Chisinau mayor, ranked the 1st place in the Top-50 politicians of Moldova carried out by the Center for Strategic Research and Political Consulting Politicon. Chirtoaca got 197 out of 290 points. Vlad Filat got 190 points and Igor Dodon got 176 points. Politicon representatives say that disputes inside of PLDM and the withdrawal of some members from this party made experts more uncertain while giving points to PLDM leader Vlad Filat.

Pro-Chirtoaca Europeans

The rapporteur of the European Parliament for Moldova, British Liberal Democrat member of the European Parliament Graham Watson said that he expects Liberal fellow Dorin Chirtoaca to win on June 19, but will cooperate with any other winner of elections. Mr. Watson greeted Moldova for the way it has organised the elections, generally respecting European and international standards. However, the electronic register of voters shall improve. (Source: Free Europe)

PL plan on economic development of Chisinau

Dorin Chirtoaca, candidate of the Liberal Party running for Chisinau mayor-general, has presented the economic development plan of Chisinau municipality for 2011–2015, which includes among priorities: (Source: PL)

PCRM accuses Moldova 1

PCRM has sent a complaint to the media watchdog CCA against public television Moldova 1, which it accuses of violation of legislation and attempt to manipulate the public opinion. The public television aired live a two-hour report on a meeting to the remembrance of victims of deportations, attended by the candidate of the Liberal Party who runs for Chisinau mayor, Dorin Chirtoaca, who addressed an electoral message to voters. PCRM claims that besides the live broadcast, the meeting was repeatedly covered by news programmes aired by Moldova 1 the same day. (Source: Infotag)

Priests discuss with Dodon

The PCRM candidate running for Chisinau mayor, Igor Dodon, has met a group of Orthodox priests who recommended the introduction of an office of mayor’s adviser for religious and public moral affairs. The meeting took place at the Church St. Teodor Tiron, with Dodon receiving an official 10-recommendation appeal signed by Chisinau protopope Zosima Toia. The St. Teodor Tiron rector said that the action of priests does not have a political nature because they are citizens and voters, and everybody “should care who is ruling the capital and the country.” The meeting took place behind closed doors and Dodon assured that he did not come to bring gifts, but made donations to churches during the electoral campaign, being the founder of several churches and monasteries.

PCRM candidate assists victims of natural disasters

The PCRM candidate running for Chisinau mayor has visited four families hit by heavy rains in Durlesti, discussed with the victims and was told their problems. Igor Dodon gave them essentials: folding beds, clothes and foodstuffs. (Source: Info-Prim Neo)