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Election News from April 13, 2011

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The number of vacant seats for local elections is clarified

The general local elections of June 5 should fill in 12,638 local elected mandates. According to data presented by the Central Electoral Commission, it announced that the general local elections of June 5, 2011 will have to elect 898 mayors 10,622 local councillors of 1st level and 1,118 local councils of 2nd level. (Source: CEC)

Another potential candidate for mayor in Chisinau — Valeriu Klimenco

Valeriu Klimenco was proposed by Socio-political Movement “Ravnopravie” to the mayor office in Chisinau, the announcement being made by the chairman of the League of Russian Youth in Moldova, Igor Tuleanţev. Valeriu Klimenco is municipal councillor during 12 years, and the Movement “Ravnopravie” run in elections with an action programme that proposes to create jobs and decrease unemployment, reconstruction of municipal water supply system, to reduce the water tariff by 30–40%, to modernize the enterprise for heating supply, to repair the roads. Klimenco promised that if elected as mayor in half a year he will learn the state language and will choose the slogan: “Give me 26 seats in the Municipal Council and I will stop the mess in the city”. (According to Infotag)

NGOs mobilize communities

IDIS “Viitorul” has started a project that will involve young people in a campaign “from door to door”, which will encourage participation in local elections on 5 June 2011. Within the project “Campaign for change on local level and participation” will be produced civic educational materials for local elections, which will be distributed by young leaders. Debate competitions will also be organized. (According to IDIS Viitorul)