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Election News from June 6, 2011

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Long-drawn ballot counting for Chisinau City Hall

Evolutions related to the counting the ballot papers garnered by the main two candidates at the elections for the mayor of the capital kept everybody guessing all the day on June 6, 2011:

The two candidates commented the situation differently the same day:

Categorical victory of PCRM in Balti

The results of the June 5 elections nominated Vasile Panciuc, PCRM candidate running for Balti mayor, as winner of the elections, since he garnered 68.7 percent of the votes, followed by PLDM candidate, Vladimir Tonciuc with 15.41 percent, PL candidate Vadim Vacarciuc with 7.38 percent, and PDM candidate Anatolie Harcenco with 5.96 percent. PCRM won 63.49 percent of the votes for Balti Municipal Council, followed by PLDM with 12.70 percent, PL with 6.07 percent, PDM with 5.33 percent, and PSD with 1.21 percent.

Comrat mayor re-elected

Following the processing of all reports, the Comrat Disctrict Electoral Council nominated the independent candidate and incumbent mayor, Nicolai Dudoglo, as winner in Comrat city, after he has garnered 57.5 percent of the votes. Following Dudoglo are independent candidate Constantin Sibov, who won 20.7 percent of the votes, PLDM candidate Petru Vlah with 8.2 percent, Vasile Croitor and Petru Mavrodi (PDM) with 6.4 percent, and Leonid Dobrov (Ecologist Party “Alianta Verde”) with less than 1 percent.