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Election News from May 10, 2011

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Just one independent candidate runs for Chisinau City Hall

The Chisinau District Electoral Council has registered Mihai Godea as independent candidate running for mayor-general of Chisinau municipality. Some subscription signatures were invalidated but the more than 10,000 valid signatures allowed the registration of the only independent candidate running for the Chisinau City Hall.

Dodon’s blog hacked

The PCRM candidate running for Chisinau mayor, Igor Dodon, has said in a statement that an unknown politicized group has hacked his blog (www.dodon.md).

PDM notifies

The press service of PDM has released a communication to inform that on May 10 the newspaper “Jurnal de Chisinau” reported the possible withdrawal of Valentina Buliga from electoral race, without providing any evidence. “The goal to strengthen the democratic coalition in this campaign may be fulfilled if the Democratic Party wins as many as possible votes on centre-left political wing and Valentina Buliga will keep running for the Chisinau City Hall,” reads the PDM communication.

PDM plants roses

Hundreds of young PDM members guided by the candidate running for Chisinau mayor, Valentina Buliga, have planted roses in five municipal parks. Buliga said that planting roses on the Environment Day is a nice tradition and wishes Chisinau to become the city of roses in a couple of years.

PL finds doers, wants no billboards and posters

Dorin Chirtoaca, PL candidate running for Chisinau mayor seat, said that “the Communists are to blame for all latest dirty assaults against PL”: libellous misinformation; the printing of a newspaper which claims to be a counterpart to the periodical Timpul; a fake poster containing indecent gestures; a fascist electioneering leaflet etc. Chirtoaca condemned such promoting approaches and methods used by political opponents, warning that “we are witnesses of a dirtiest electoral campaign ever seen.” The PL candidate invited all electoral contestants in general and the Communists in particular to hold a fair electoral campaign and promote electoral programmes positively. Chirtoaca asked state authorities to take all legal actions in order to stop activities which unfit a fair electoral campaign.

The Liberal Party decided not to install electoral billboards during the electoral campaign for the June 5, 2011 local elections, saying that it cannot afford spending millions of lei for such actions in the current social and economic condition. According to Chirtoaca, it would be better to donate these funds to orphanages, elderly asylums or families in need. However, PL will individually disseminate electoral leaflets.

Appeal by Party for Unification of Moldova

The Political Party for Unification of Moldova raises concern with developments in Moldova and danger of comeback of the communist rule, and calls on democratic forces in general and members of the Alliance for European Integration in particular to prove maturity and political willingness, to follow the example of PLDM and withdraw their candidates. It invites all pro-democracy forces to support a single candidate for Chisinau mayor seat.

PNL seeks equal rights for citizens from Transnistria

The National Liberal Party (PNL) supports the legal demand of Moldovan citizens from Tighina (Bender) municipality and Dubasari city (Transnistria) addressed to the Central Electoral Commission in connection with the ignored right to elect and to be elected. PNL formally invited PL chairman Mihai Ghimpu and PPCD leader Victor Ciobanu to join efforts of parties against Russian occupation, by participating with a common list of candidates in elections in Tighina municipality and Transnistria. On the other hand, PNL demanded the resignation of Premier Vladimir Filat, saying that it will seek non-pecuniary damages for public expression of respect and recognition to separatist leader Igor Smirnov.

PSD candidate “keeps silence”

The PSD candidate running for Chisinau mayor-general, Sergiu Coropceanu, has attended a flash-mob “Silence” organised by the association of large families with children of ages between 5 and 16 years old. By organising this action, the organisers wanted to recall their existence to central authorities.

9 candidates run for Balti City Hall

Nine candidates representing nine political parties will run for the seat of Balti mayor. The Balti District Electoral Council turned down the applications of two independent candidates, saying that they submitted just 150 signatures instead of 5,250 required by Electoral Code (5 percent of 105,000 electors). (Source: esp.md)