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Election News from May 26, 2011

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CEC calls against gifts

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) warns electoral contestants over need to exactly respect Article 38 (7) of Electoral Code, which prohibits them to offer money, gifts to voters, to disseminate commodities, including humanitarian aid or to hold other charity actions. With the purpose to prevent and combat violations during campaign, CEC asked the Interior Ministry to keep an eye on electoral contestants who disseminate goods to voters and to report the actions taken in this respect. (Source: CEC)

Electoral campaign is “dirtier than ever before”

According to former mayors of Chisinau, the 2011 electoral campaign is dirtier than ever before, while candidates forget the interests of people. Serafim Urecheanu, mayor of Chisinau municipality in 1994–2005, is sorry with what is happening in electoral campaign, with the way this key office is treated, while those running for the position of mayor use diverse PR techniques and forget that they should be closer to people. Vasile Ursu, acting mayor of Chisinau in 2005–2007, fears that the current electoral campaign is based on money and party interests, people do not have much choice to do and voters were politicised very much. (Source: Info-Prim Neo)

PCRM calls for consolidation, but gets negative answer

Igor Dodon, PCRM candidate running for Chisinau mayor, has called “for consolidation and fairness of all even-minded political forces.” Dodon says that confounding the electoral campaign with an electoral battle is negative and assures that he will not seek the withdrawal of any rival to advantage him at the end. However, Dodon continued, if somebody will leave the race to simplify the choice of citizens and facilitate the accession of a new, professional mayor to the City Hall, this action would be welcome. Dodon expects the upcoming elections to end on June 5, after first round. (Source: dodon.md)

The PSD candidate running for Chisinau mayor, Sergiu Coropceanu, has replied to Dodon’s appeal immediately, saying that the communist contestant seeks a repositioning because he worries that he will not qualify for the runoff vote and realises that he is losing support, as people understand that Dodon and his team produced many pecuniary damages to Chisinau municipality. Coropceanu considers that Dodon hurt other parties by inviting them to withdraw their candidates, hinting that negotiations are possible. Finally, the PSD candidate promises to keep fighting, so that to prevent the election of Dodon or Chirtoaca as mayor.

PLDM accuses post office of obstruction

PLDM has released a statement to report the use of personalised letters in current electoral campaign as means to communicate with voters, which is a legal formula often used during electoral campaigns. The personalised letter is sent under a contract on reception, processing and sending of correspondence signed by PLDM with the state-run enterprise “Posta Moldovei”, but a certain number of personalised letters are not delivered to concrete addressees and return to sender. Certain packages of letters addressed to a post division were delivered to a news stall, others were disseminated to passers-by and invited to fire them.

“Forta a Treia” opposes legalisation of Islam

The candidate of the Electoral Bloc “Forta a Treia” (Third Force) running for Chisinau, Valeriu Plesca, has asked the Ministry of Justice in a preliminary appeal to cancel the decision to register the Islamic League in Moldova. Plesca fears that by meeting recommendations of foreign partners, the Government violated the procedure of registration of organisation, as it harms the rights of Orthodox Christians who represent the majority of population, and this decision was no consulted with civil society. (Source: vesti.md)