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Election News from May 31, 2011

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CEC accredits new observers

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) has accredited observers to monitor the general local elections on June 5, 2011 on behalf of the Electoral Commission of Latvia, the Turkish Embassy to Moldova, the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe, the East Europe Foundation in Moldova, the Representation of the US-based National Democratic Institute to Moldova, and nongovernmental organisations in Moldova.

CEC gives green light to phone campaign

Since many people have raised the problem of electoral canvass via fixed-telephony calls or SMS on mobile telephones, CEC chairman explained that the electoral legislation does not prohibit such an electioneering method. It bans such a campaigning method just on the day preceding the elections.

Mihai Godea recalls the loss of confidence, is surprised with BOP survey

Mihai Godea, independent candidate running for mayor-general of Chisinau, has told a news conference that the recent Barometer of Public Opinion (BOP) reveals that people lost confidence in Government and Parliament, and the Alliance for European Integration (AIE) is delaying reforms. Godea invited AIE leaders to wake up and react. At the same time, Godea was surprised that the BOP survey did not cover his candidacy, so that respondents could not chose him as a possible vote option. He noted that he made public his plans to run for elections yet on May 3 and applied on May 5 concomitantly with incumbent Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca, who was covered by the BOP poll.

PDM seeks a meeting of AIE leaders before June 5 elections

The chairman of the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM), Marian Lupu, has invited leaders of parties representing the Alliance for European Integration (AIE) to meet the last week of the campaign for general local elections with the purpose to prove the unity of the ruling alliance to citizens. As well, the PDM leader recommended them to begin discussions on post-electoral developments, meaning the AIE enlargement at 1st and 2nd levels of local administrations nationwide.

PSD candidate supported by unions

The Independent National Union “Protectia Sociala” (Social Protection) supports the candidate of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) who runs for the office of Chisinau mayor-general, Sergiu Coropceanu. Union chairman Nicolae Racovita has told a news conference that the decision belongs to the Permanent Bureau of the Union. Racovita criticised the acting governance, saying that it did not fulfil its promises the last two years and “increased the drug prices and retirement age, reduced jobs, borrowed funds from exterior without telling who will reimburse them.” (Source: Infotag)

PLDM to bring full lighting

The PLDM team running for the Municipal Council promises to lighten all streets and install traffic lights at all high-risk crossroads in four years. PLDM councillors promise to disagree with single-use asphalt works in streets and to attract jointly with the Government some advantageous credits for 20–25 years and international grants for road building. (Source: Moldpres)

PL candidate urges PCRM contestant to step down, Diaspora representatives support him

Dorin Chirtoaca, PL candidate running for Chisinau mayor, seeks the withdrawal of PCRM candidate Igor Dodon from electoral race for the lies, imputations and defamations he released last week in connection with a City Hall project on purchase of 102 trolleys. According to Chirtoaca, a series of dirty assaults, denigrations related to the way the trolleys have been purchased and transparency of the deal concerned have been released.

PL members and Moldovan supporters from other countries have held manifestations to support the PL candidate for Chisinau mayor office, Dorin Chirtoaca, in several European cities (Paris, Dublin, Aix-en-Provence, Padova). This way, Moldovan nationals expressed their trust in Dorin Chirtoacă, calling for support for PL teams in all Moldova. (Source: PL)