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Election News from May 18, 2011

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CEC backs wishes of disabled people

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) calls for respect for the right to vote of all Moldovan citizens, regardless of their disabilities and invites local public authorities to take all actions needed to provide access to polling stations to voters suffering from motor disabilities including those in wheelchairs. At the same time, CEC calls for understanding and compliance of electoral officials and local public authorities and seeks their assistance to help people with motor disabilities depending on situations, as for example to carry their wheelchairs on stairs. (Source: CEC)

Training for female candidates

The Parliament of the Republic of Moldova and the United Nations in Moldova have launched a joint initiative to support female candidates running for the June 5 local elections, which aims to train more than 180 women to communicate with voters and develop campaigning messages. The initiative is a response to Moldova’s commitment to promote women to leading offices in accordance with the Millennium Development Goal 3 “Promoting gender equality and skills of women”, but so far the share of women’s representation in the decision-making process at local level and Parliament is much lower than pledged to be. According to the UN Resident Coordinator in Moldova, Kaarina Immonen, local elections are the last opportunity to increase the share of women’s representation in politics until 2015, the deadline to fulfil the Millennium Development Goals.

PPCD signals violation of decision-making transparency

Alexandru Corduneanu, municipal councillor representing the Christian Democratic People’s Party (PPCD), fears that the City Hall fails democratic governance despite of the law in this respect. PPCD proposes a series of goals as part of its electoral platform, including actions to combat bureaucracy, to ensure decision-making transparency, to modify the City Hall apparatus. (Source: PPCD)

PDM seeks stronger local autonomy

The parliamentary faction representing the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM) brings a series of initiatives to speed up reforms aimed to strengthen local public administration, including in terms of decision-making and financial autonomy and extended means to collect incomes directly. PDM has introduced the initiatives at a news conference with participation of Orhei mayor, a member of the Parliament, and the PDM candidate running for Chisinau Mayor, Valentina Buliga. PDM MP Valeriu Guma stated that the enforcement of these laws would improve the work of local public authorities by providing some facilities needed for a faster social-economic development of localities. A PDM initiative seeks to provide a municipality status for cities of Cahul, Ungheni, Orhei, Soroca and Edinet, which would bring more development opportunities. Buliga explained a PDM initiative to amend the law on entrepreneurs’ licence in order to introduce a family patent and to reintroduce the patent for flower growing and sale.

Response by PLDM candidate from Balti

The candidate running for Balti mayor on behalf of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM), Vladimir Tonciuc, has replied to statements released by Igor Ciuru, electoral candidate representing the Christian Democratic People’s Party (PPCD), who called on voters to elect a mayor of the 21st, not 20th century. Tonciuc replied that Ciuru “has no chance to become mayor, even if all candidates withdraw to let the PPCD candidate win” and anyway Ciuru will become mayor “neither in the 21st century, nor in the 22nd century.” (Source: hotnews.md)

PLD candidate brings supporters who accuse City Hall

The chairman of the Party of Law and Justice (PLD), Nicolae Alexei, claims that the Chisinau City Hall is one of the most corrupt institutions in Moldova and those who called to the City Hall in order to find solutions to some problems have understood this fact. Alexei noted that the mayor is in charge with combating this plague, but he failed to do anything. The PLD representative fears that the whole country faces problems, not only the Chisinau City Hall, but members of the Alliance for European Integration deal with settling accounts and sharing areas of influence of the remaining securities instead of joining their efforts to rule the country efficiently and to take it out of the gutter. The PLD candidate running for Chisinau Mayor, Marcel Darie, said that the key goal of his electoral programme is to destroy corruption in the Chisinau City Hall, adding that there are some family clans in the municipal administration such as Grozavu, Modirca and Chirtoaca who settle just personal problems. (Source: Infotag)

Electoral dispute in the middle of road

PL and PNL candidates running for Codru mayoralty and council accuse PLDM contestants of using public funds for campaigning purposes, distributing jackets and T-shirts with PLDM symbols to roadmen and taking pictures with them. In their turn roadmen say that they did not see any light of campaigning. PLDM representatives assure that roadmen asked T-shirts from campaigners, while a manager of the joint-venture company Edilitate say that this is the first time when a party tries to involve roadmen into an electoral action. The company administration has reportedly informed employees that they do not have the right to campaign during work time. (Source: Pro TV)

“Patriots of Moldova” Party seeks back historical territories

The Party “Patriots of Moldova” has asked the world community to return all historical territories of Moldovan state that are part of Romania now. It explained that the signatures given in 1859 to the agreement on the union of two princedoms — Moldova and Valahia — should be recalled, as “nations which are part of Romania shall choose the state they want to make their future in.” (Source: Patriots of Moldova)