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Election News from May 19, 2011

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CEC secretary not supporting Comrat’s appeal

Central Electoral Commission (CEC) Secretary Andrei Volentir describes as groundless the demand of some residents from Comrat to change the colour of ballot papers for mayoral elections from rose into violet, the same colour as used for Chisinau and Balti. Volentir said that a definitive decision will be made after examination of the demand by CEC, but Comrat municipality is a 1st level administrative territorial unit like cities, towns and villages. Balti and Chisinau municipalities are 2nd level units and they are assimilated to districts; that’s why the colour of ballot papers printed for municipal councils coincides with the colour for district councils. Authors of the appeal claim that Comrat city holds the status of municipality and electors should receive ballot papers of the same colour as those from Chisinau and Balti, that means violet, in order to elect a mayor. (Source: Info-Prim Neo)

Periodicals seeking investigations and sanctions

Editorial staffs of periodicals “Ziarul de Garda” and “Timpul de Dimineata” urge the Prosecutor-General’s Office to investigate fake newspapers “Ziarul de Chisinau” and “Timpul de Chisinau”. Journalists from the two periodicals picketed the Prosecutor-General’s Office, urging it to find the authors of the fake newspapers. Timpul director fears that the illegalities were committed by an electoral contestant who runs for Chisinau mayor and this candidate should be excluded from electoral race. Ziarul de Garda officials seek justice and non-pecuniary damages of 500,000 lei.

PCRM candidate visiting Brussels

The PCRM candidate running for Chisinau mayor, Igor Dodon, is on a visit to Brussels during May 19–21 to meet Belgian and European officials in his quality of electoral contestant. According to a communication released by PCRM, Dodon is accompanied by the head of the EU delegation to Moldova and is set to meet high-ranking European officials, European parliamentarians, political leaders, including Belgian prime minister. The goal of Dodon’s visit is to find new investment opportunities for Chisinau municipality, establish beforehand partnerships with public and private institutions and learn out an efficient management method of Belgian cities. (Source: PCRM)

PLDM seeking pedestrian area

The Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM) has committed to turn the Mitropolit Varlaam Street into a pedestrian area of Chisinau. The idea to build a pedestrian area was born in the 1980s, but never enjoyed an appropriate political support, and a concept on turning the Varlaam Street into a walk area full of restaurants, terraces, theatres, urban leisure and friendship facilities was finished just in late 2010. The project would be implemented under a public-private partnership and would cost about 1.75 million euros for all infrastructure: lighting quarrel, new engineering networks, renovation of public institutions, as well as development of crossroads Armeneasca, Bulgara, Eminescu and Tighina. Victor Bodiu, who tops the list of candidates running for the Chisinau Municipal Council, stated that the project aimed to turn the Varlaam Street into a walkway is part of a larger programme aimed at fully reviving the historical Chisinau downtown. (Source: PLDM)

Mihai Godea saves Parliament, but faces persecutions so far

A conflict occurred in the Parliament on May 19, with the PCRM faction leaving the sitting hall as a sign of protest, so that the 50 AIE deputies remaining there could not hold a deliberative sitting. The presence of Mihai Godea, independent candidate running for the Chisinau mayor office, assured the number needed to continue the legislative sitting. Godea noted on that occasion that his vote was, is and will be important.

Mihai Godea has plans to appeal to the Prosecutor-General’s Office in order to notify it that he and his fellows are being intimidated during electoral campaign. He signalled that he is victim of “more delicate” methods than direct follow-up: interception of telephones, pressures on those willing to join his team, boycott by printing firms which do not want to print electoral leaflets. According to Godea, representatives of the Information and Security Service (SIS) of Moldova intimidate those willing to join his team while the deputy chairman of the Chisinau-based territorial directorate of SIS, Anatol Postica, has tried to “brainwash” certain people without the consent of SIS administration. In turn, the SIS press service assured that Anatol Postica retired in May 2011.

PL representatives signalling assaults

Andrei Salaru, member of the Cimislia District Electoral Commission on behalf of the Liberal Party, was assaulted on Thursday evening by Dumitru Ladnii, a supporter of the Party of Communists. PL describes the incident as a political settlement of accounts and intimidation against party, and blames such a conduct by communist contestants. Salaru appealed on competent authorities shortly after the incident and the Cimislia District Police Commissariat is investigating the case. PL raises concern with lots of assaults on candidates running for mayor and councillor offices at general local elections. It urges competent organs to ensure a fair investigation of this case. (Source: PL)

PNL accusing CEC

Representatives of the National Liberal Party (PNL) have held a news conference related to elections for the Bender/Tighina Municipal Council and abuses by electoral contestants. PNL issued a statement on unfair electoral campaign, signalling cases which the party describes as use of administrative resources by parliamentary parties. PNL asked CEC to organise the electoral process in the Transnistrian region, Dubasari and Bender/Tighina, but got a negative response and explications instead. (Source: PNL)