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Election News from April 5, 2011

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The list of parties that compete in local elections

Based on the information provided by the Ministry of Justice, Central Electoral Commission (CEC) published a list of 31 political parties and socio-political organizations that have the right to participate in general local elections:
  1. Democratic Party of Moldova
  2. Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova
  3. Political Party “MOLDOVA NOASTRA (Our Moldova) Alliance”
  4. Political Party “Agrarian Party of Moldova”
  5. Socialist Party of Moldova
  6. Law and Order Party
  7. Christian Democratic People’s Party
  8. Professionals’ Movement “Speranta-Надежда (Hope)”
  9. Liberal Party
  10. New National Moldovan Party
  11. Social Democratic Party
  12. Social-political Movement “Forta Noua (New Force)”
  13. Political Party Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova “Patria-Родина (The Homeland)”
  14. Republican Social-political Movement “Ravnopravie (Equality)”
  15. Political Party Environmental Party “Alianta Verde (Green Alliance)” of Moldova
  16. Romanian National Party
  17. Popular Republican Party
  18. Republican Party of Moldova
  19. Labor Party
  20. Political Party “Centrist Union Party of Moldova”
  21. European Party
  22. Political Party “Humanist Party of Moldova”
  23. Party “Moldova Unita — Eдиная Молдова (United Moldova)”
  24. Conservative Party
  25. National Liberal Party
  26. “European Action” Movement Party
  27. “PENTRU NEAM ŞI TARA (For Nation and Country)” Political Party
  28. Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova
  29. Roma Social-political Movement of the Republic of Moldova
  30. “Patriotii Moldovei (Moldova’s Patriots)” Party
  31. “Casa Noastra — Moldova (Our Home — Moldova)” Political Party

CEC approved the Calendar Plan, established the second level constituencies and approved several instructions for local elections

Central Electoral Commission approved the Calendar Plan for implementing the actions provided for by the Election Code regarding the organization of general local elections on June 5, 2011 and established 37 constituencies of second level within the administrative-territorial units of Moldova. CEC also approved the preliminary calculations on the circulation of the electoral documents for organizing and conducting general local elections, the models of the electoral rolls, the model of the subscription list, the Regulations on the Electoral Officials Register and the Instructions on how to pack, seal and deliver the electoral documents of the local elections.

The first survey to assess the electoral chances

According to a social survey presented by the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives (IDIS) “Viitorul (The Future)”, if elections to the Parliament of Moldova are held next Sunday: According to the survey, Prime-Minister Vlad Filat enjoys the highest level of citizens’ trust (64%), the Chairman of the Parliament Marian Lupu (53%), PCRM leader, Vladimir Voronin (41%) and the incumbent mayor of Chisinau municipality, Dorin Chirtoaca (25%). The opinion poll was conducted by IMAS-Chisinau, at the initiative of IDIS “Viitorul”, on a sample of 1507 persons on 6–27 March 2011, with a maximum error of ±2.5%.