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Election News from May 17, 2011

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Controversies around Corjova polling station

The chairman of the Transnistrian CEC, Piotr Denisenco, has met the leader of the self-proclaimed Moldovan Transnistrian Republic, Igor Smirnov, to tell him that the new attempt to open a polling station in Corjova could “destabilise again the situation in the Security Zone” and “nobody has the right to open any polling stations in Transnistria’s territory.” The Moldovan CEC secretary said that a polling station will open in Corjova. He noted that the location of this station could be a problem but there are no legal obligations to open it in the area of this locality and it could open somewhere else to avoid provocations.

70-centimetre ballot paper in Chisinau

The ballot paper for election of Chisinau councillors will be 70 centimetres long, while that for election of mayor will not be longer than 35 centimetres. Overall, about 1.5 million ballot papers will be printed for Chisinau municipality. Chisinau residents will receive two ballot papers: one to elect the mayor-general and another one to elect municipal councillors. Electors from Chisinau’s suburbs will receive four ballot papers to elect local mayor and council, as well as mayor-general and municipal council. Electors from rural areas will receive three ballot papers to elect mayor of their locality, local council and district council.

SEEMO accuses Moldovan authorities

The South East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO) secretary-general says Moldova shall disclose the names of those who printed false newspapers and violated copyrights for electoral purposes.

While court releases suspected fakers

The two Ukrainian suspects have been released under a Centru Law Court decision and obliged not to leave Chisinau. The Interior Ministry was revolted with the court decision, fearing that their release would jeopardise investigations. (Source: Unimedia)

Third Force candidate promises reward for crime-related information

Valeriu Plesca, candidate of the Third Force Electoral Bloc running for the Chisinau City Hall, doubted that the suspect of a double murder in Durlesti was held. Plesca promised a 25,000-leu-reward for any information which could help holding the real murderer, saying that he has got this idea after an electoral meeting in Durlesti. (Source: ProTV)

New communist party in Moldova

A news conference was told that the political council of the Communist Party of Moldova (PCM) decided on May 12 to start registering the party. A representative of initiators hopes that PCM will be formally registered after 3–4 months. PCM representative Igor Cucer believes that initiators will not face litigations, as the name of the new party is not the same as of the Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova, though its programme and status are almost like those of PCRM. However, the Communist Party will support the social-political movement “Ravnopravye” at the June 5-scheduled local elections, as this political party is close to interethnic problems and goals. According to reports released at the news conference, more than 25 percent of PCRM members are ready to leave their party and join PCM. (Source: Infotag)

Statement by PDM candidate

Valentina Buliga, candidate running for the Chisinau Mayor office on behalf of the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM), accuses her PCRM opponent of having hurt female politicians. Buliga noted that what she described as a “misogynistic” gesture could be interpreted as gender discrimination.

PSD candidate recalls law on Chisinau’s status

Sergiu Coropceanu, candidate of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), has released a statement accusing councillors, interim mayor and acting mayor of non-respect for the law concerning the status of the Chisinau municipality. Coropceanu promised to apply the law skilfully and raised ideas regarding diverse economic problems faced by municipality.

PLDM invited to withdraw candidate from Balti as well

Igor Ciuru, PPCD candidate running for the Balti Mayor office, asks Vlad Filat to withdraw the PLDM candidate running for the same office, Vladimir Tonciuc. Ciuru has plans to send a letter to Filat in order to warn him that Tonciuc, PLDM leader in Balti, is a relative of two PCRM heads in the “northern capital”, Andrei Ciornii and Communist parliamentarian Vladimir Vitiuc. According to Ciuru, Tonciuc and Vitiuc have worked together as manager and deputy manager at the Balti-based Food Enterprise. For these reasons, the PPCD candidate concludes that PLDM and PCRM would make a coalition in the new Balti Municipal Council.