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Election News from April 4, 2011

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Concerns about the situation in Corjova

The representatives of the “Promo-LEX” Association state that at the general local elections of 5 June, Tiraspol’s unconstitutional authorities could apply several scenarios in Corjova to seize power and Chisinau should take previous measures in this respect. One of the scenarios deemed possible by “Promo-LEX” is boycotting the elections, another one would be the hypocritical behavior of the separatist regime, which would allow holding elections in Corjova, but would propose a candidate loyal to Tiraspol, this person being helped to win elections. The third scenario involves blackmail and manipulation, annulment of the “social-economic package that is more favorable than the Chisinau’s one”, because the prices for gas, electricity and other services are much smaller in the breakaway region than the ones on the right bank of Nistru river. “Promo-LEX” representatives consider that now is the time, when Chisinau should insist on the topic of ensuring citizens’ right to choose their government, and the actions should be promoted through diplomatic insistence within the 5+2 format dialogue or using other political and diplomatic tools available to Chisinau. (According to Info-Prim Neo Agency)