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Election News from April 26, 2011

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Four more competitors for the City Hall of the capital city

Chisinau constituency Electoral Council (CECC) has registered as candidates for mayor of Chisinau representatives of four political parties:

PLDM denounces the authour of “Ziarul de Chisinau”

Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova has circulated a press release whereby qualifies as “fake newspaper” printout entitled “Ziarul de Chisinau”, which is presented as edited upon PLDM order. It condemns the dirty methods of electoral fight, already used by some electoral competitors in previous campaigns, and PLDM shall notify the Prosecutor General Office and the Central Electoral Commission in order to identify and punish the authors. (Source: PLDM)

The newspaper “Ziarul de Garda”, published in Chisinau, also denounces the use of the logo, layout, headings and its slogans by unknown persons in a false publication widespread through mailboxes of inhabitants of Chisinau, posting anti-democratic and anti-liberal electoral messages. Independent investigative weekly newspaper “Ziarul de Garda” has officially notified the Parliament, the Government, the Prosecutor General Office, the Ministry of Interior, SIS and CEC about the fake publication issued for denigrating and compromising the newspaper’s editorial policy. (Source: Ziarul de Garda)

Women are underrepresented in electoral campaign

According to the Chair of the Women’s Political Club “50/50”, Ms. Catinca Mardarovici, political parties just mime the promotion of women in local elections, and the women’ presence in Chisinau Municipal Council may be much smaller than now. In the lists of candidates for councillor offices the presence of women is low, since women are still placed at the bottom of the list. However, women either are not struggling to occupy a prominent place in the lists of candidates. (Source: Info-Prim Neo)

PLDM files the lists of candidates for local councils

According to a press release by PLDM, the party has begun submitting lists of party candidates for the position of local councillors of level I and II, the necessary documents being filed for registration with constituency electoral councils in Ialoveni, Straseni, Rezina, Hincesti, Cahul, Briceni, Drochia. According to PLDM, the promotion to the positions of local and district councillors and to mayors of towns and villages is made based on their achievements, managerial skills and personal image of candidates. (Source: PLDM)

Active electoral race in Balti

After filing the documents and drawing the lots organized by the constituency electoral council of Balti, if registered, the candidates for mayor of Balti will appear on the ballot in the following order: For the Balti city council the order of competitors is different, as follows: The meeting of Balti constituency electoral council (CECR) have also established polling stations, appointed members of electoral bureaus of poling stations and distributed the tasks among CECR. (Source: esp.md)