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Election News from June 21, 2011

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Recounting in Durlesti cancelled

The ballot papers for the June 5 elections in the council of Durlesti town in Chisinau municipality will not be recounted, as the Court of Appeal outlawed the decision of the Buiucani Law Court which ordered the recounting upon demands of electoral contestants (PCRM, Green Alliance, PLDM, and four independents). Therefore, the reports on electoral results will be delivered to the law court in order to validate them.

Repeat elections in Condratesti

The Central Electoral Commission has decided to repeat mayoral elections in commune of Condratesti, rayon of Ungheni. The voting in this electoral constituency was stopped on June 19 under a decision by the Ungheni Law Court because of wrong ballot papers. Three candidates named Ion Bodrug ran for Condratesti village mayor on June 5, each of them represented a member party of the Alliance for European Integration (AIE), and the contestants on behalf of PLDM and PL won most of votes, but the PDM candidate was included in ballot papers for the runoff vote instead of the PLDM contestant, following a technical mistake. The two candidates who won most of votes in the first round of elections will run for the repeat voting on June 26, with the participation of the same electoral council and electoral bureaus of polling stations.

PCRM demands annulment of runoff voting, seeks repeat elections

The PCRM asks the competent law court to annul the results of the June 19 runoff vote and to order repeat elections. The PCRM will boycott parliamentary sitting and will not recognise Dorin Chirtoaca as mayor, as long as such a decision is unavailable. The PCRM claims that the election results were falsified, as voters were deprived of the secret vote, many persons were included into voter lists, students were blackmailed, voters were taken to elections in an organised manner etc.