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Election News from June 15, 2011

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Demand on recounting of ballot papers turned down

The Centru Law Court has turned down an appeal by the Liberal Party which demanded the recounting of ballot papers for the Chisinau Municipal Council, indicating the shortage of evidence. PL representatives have plans to contest the decision in the Court of Appeal and in the Supreme Court of Justice afterwards, assuring that their appeal is well-grounded and invoking some wrong reports, violated vote counting procedure, testimonies, etc., among evidence.

Environmentalists support PL candidate

Members of the territorial organisation of the “Alianta Verde” (Green Alliance) Ecologist Party (PEVAME) from Chisinau municipality invited Wednesday all residents of municipality to support Dorin Chirtoaca, candidate of the Liberal Party running for Chisinau mayor’s seat, in the runoff vote of local elections. At the same time, environmentalists raised concern with populism, misinformation and manipulation of voters by forces which “speculated unashamedly the consequences of crisis and political, social and economic difficulties faced by Moldovan society.”

Liberals call upon Court of Appeal

The Liberal Party (PL) has contested in the Chisinau Court of Appeal a decision of the Buiucani Law Court, which ordered the recounting of ballot papers cast for the Durlesti local council, describing the judgment as groundless. The Buiucani court gave green light to appeals by PCRM and independent candidates. It is worth noting that the Liberal Party won 9 out of 23 seats in the Durlesti local council, the Liberal Democratic Party got 6 seats, the Party of Communists got 5 seats, the Democratic Party won 2 seats and the “Forta a Treia” (Third Force) Electoral Bloc got 1.

Dorin Chirtoaca has sued PCRM candidate Igor Dodon in the Riscani Law Court in connection with the trolley-related deal, with the purpose to defend his professional reputation, honour and dignity. According to Chirtoaca, Dodon admitted during electoral debates that he has submitted counterfeited documents to the Prosecutor-General’s Office, forged the Official Gazette of Romania, used fake information to manipulate the public opinion, and by doing so, he harmed the honour and professional reputation of Chirtoaca, who urges Dodon to apologise in front of Chisinau residents and to buy 100 new trolleys (worth about 12.5 million euros) as non-pecuniary damages.

Artists support Chirtoaca

Writer Nicolae Dabija, director Nicolae Botgros, composer Eugen Doga and other known cultural personalities have expressed their support to Dorin Chirtoaca, PL and AIE candidate running for mayor-general of Chisinau municipality. Artists invited citizens to participate in the runoff vote on June 19 and to re-elect Chirtoaca to head the City Hall. At the same time, supporters raised a list of requests to Chirtoaca for a new mandate: to build the Museum of Occupation, to demolish Soviet communist monuments, to prohibit communist symbols, to keep the memory of victims of Stalinist-communist regime.

PCRM candidate meets international observers

Igor Dodon has met the head of the OSCE Limited Election Observation Mission, Gerald Mitchell, and told him that the PCRM expectations relating to violations at polling stations in Chisinau and suburbs have been confirmed. Dodon invoked the bribing of voters; issuance of temporary residential permits to students in Chisinau before elections; campaigning during elections; illegal extension of work-time of polling stations; refusal to provide a mobile box to voters who could not go to polling stations; strange CEC actions. Asked if he thinks that the results of the first round were rigged, Dodon said that the PCRM conducted a parallel counting and it did not find any divergences with the final election results released by CEC, more than 1,500 PCRM observers were additionally deployed to polling stations and prevented violations during the voting process. The PCRM will deploy about 3,000 observers to “problematical” polling stations which committed most of violations on June 5, and will install video cameras on June 19. (Source: Info-Prim Neo)

PDM signals assaults in Hincesti, calls for fair campaign

The Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM) has signalled new assaults on electoral contestants and informed that for the third day a group in Hincesti is harassing residents of this city and supporters of the PDM candidate who runs for mayor’s seat there. According to a PDM communication, a local activist of the party concerned was recently beaten and Ion Fulga and Vladimir Enache, campaigners of mayor Alexandru Botnari, were victims of barbarian assaults last night. The victims were seriously injured but the local police did not care and the district prosecutor’s office was notified, as true bandits were part of assaulters. PDM reiterated its call for a fair campaign and invited supporters of its candidates nationwide to hold together and to be active in the runoff vote of local elections. (Source: PDM)