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Election News from April 30, 2011

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PCRM starts its national race

Republican core group of PCRM has convened in a meeting to start its electoral national race for local elections. A number of PCRM candidate took the floor during the meeting, including Dodon, who said that PCRM has to show that it was, is and will remain the strongest political force in the country. (Source: Info-Prim Neo)

PCRM calls on nation

Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova issued an “Address to the nation”, whereby it criticises the current governance, which cancels all social guarantees, destroys all economic and democratic achievements of previous years, subjects to a new revision the territorial-administrative structure of Moldova, openly and cynically tramples the Supreme Law — the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova. The government is accused that under the pretext of “decentralization” it wants to liquidate more than 30% of mayoralties and to return to Romanian type counties. PCRM says in local elections it will protect every district, every village, every school, every house of culture, human dignity and rights of every citizen. (Source: PCRM)

Candidates in Comrat

Three mayoral candidates in Comrat municipality have already filed registration papers with Constituency Electoral Council: Two more competitors for mayor of Comrat gather subscription signatures. Subscription lists were collected from the Constituency Electoral Council of Comrat and by 81 independent candidates who will compete for local council, and the list of candidates for the council were filed by six political parties.

Registration of several independents was rejected in Balti

Balti Constituency Electoral Council refused to register three independent candidates for the municipal council: Serghei Iordan, Niholae Spînu and Alexandru Tureac. The reason for refusal was about the mistakes and inaccuracies in the submitted subscription lists. According to representatives of the electoral body, the lists include people who are abroad, residing in other localities, non-existing numbers of identity documents. These candidates consider that the decision of electoral authority is biased and was adopted so as to prevent appealing them in court or collecting new signatures. (Source: СP Balti, esp.md)

Politics also at rugby match

Prime Minister Vlad Filat and PLDM candidate for mayor of capital city, Victor Bodiu, attended the rugby match between selected teams of the Republic of Moldova and the Netherlands within the preliminary matches of European Championship, in which the Moldovan representative won, but this does not still allows for its qualification. After the match, Vlad Filat said he felt proud of the national team and Victor Bodiu declared it is for the first time in rugby, especially that it is very busy.

At group pictures, media representatives noted that PLDM representatives avoided to greet the Mayor general of Chisinau, Dorin Chirtoaca, who had even to verbally warn the Prime Minister about his presence and the Prime Minister however shook hand with him. (Source: Publika TV)