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Election News from April 6, 2011

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It is requested to do not interfere in the media editorial policy

A group of civil society organizations calls on politicians and political parties to sign an Agreement of non-involvement in the editorial policy of media during the electoral campaign for local elections. Politicians are asked to inform citizens about media institutions they finance, patronize, manage and sponsor, regardless of the quota share held. PNBC Teleradio-Moldova is to be treated with respect, by virtue of its mission to inform objectively the public, with no instructions from politicians to management, editors and journalists and with no pressures exerted by means of the allotted budget. Media managers that will sign the agreement promise to do not engage in campaigns to denigrate political personages, the journalists will not ask for or accept money or other rewards for submitting information to promote a political actor. (Address initiated by IDIS “Viitorul”, Center for Journalistic Investigations, Committee for Press Freedom and the Association of Electronic Press)

The Concept on how to cover the electoral campaign is approved

The Broadcasting Coordinating Council (CCA) approved the Concept on how to cover the electoral campaign during general local elections of June 5, 2011 by broadcasting institutions in the Republic of Moldova. The concept aims to ensure fair, balanced and unbiased coverage of the electoral campaign during general local elections by broadcasting institutions, to promote freedom of expression and political pluralism, to set some binding rules to implement these principles by the broadcasting institutions, on one hand, and by the electoral contestants, on the other hand.