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Election News from May 27, 2011

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Polling station from Corjova, some stations from Causeni relocated

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) has decided to relocate the polling station from Corjova commune to the mayoralty of Cocieri village, Dubasari rayon. The Cocieri mayoralty with the consent of the Dubasari District Council will provide the building and the equipment needed for the conduct of general local elections on June 5, 2011 and for ballot counting. CEC explained that the polling station concerned will be relocated after the unconstitutional Tiraspol authorities have blocked the participation of voters from this locality in elections in the past years by using diverse methods.

CEC decided to relocate the polling stations from some localities in Causeni rayon and voters from commune of Chitcani, villages of Cremenciug and Gisca, where no polling stations were opened, will be able to participate in elections to the Causeni District Council on June 5, 2011 by showing up to the following polling stations:

The voters concerned will be included into supplementary voters’ rolls and they will introduce their ballot papers into “special boxes”. The polling stations from these localities will be relocated because of absence of legally elected local authorities and impossibility to set up electoral organs.

Call for fairness and financial transparency

The Civic Coalition for Free and Fair Elections (CALC) raises concern with the increasing number of cases of use of electoral gifts and other practices aimed to corrupt voters during electoral campaign for the June 5, 2011 general local elections. CALC urges electoral contestants to stop bribing voters and prove a fair conduct during electoral campaign. The Central Electoral Commission is invited to check more severely the financial reports by electoral candidates and to take legal measures in order to notify and sanction those who violate the law. The coalition recalls that practices of bribing voters contravene to international electoral standards and these cases will be covered by monitoring reports and will be used to assess the fairness of the electoral campaign.

Record ballot paper in Comrat

The ballot paper for the Comrat Municipal Council will feature a pamphlet and will be more than 2 metres long, as 87 candidates run for the council. The district electoral council is to establish the format of the pamphlet. Seventy-seven out of the 87 electoral contestants in Comrat are independent; the candidates run for 27 seats in the Municipal Council.

First electoral poll

The Association of Moldovan Sociologists and Demographers has released the results of the poll “ Vox Populi. Social-political options of citizens from Chisinau municipality before the June 5, local elections” According to the survey, if local elections were held in Chisinau next Sunday, Dorin Chirtoaca would win 38.6 of the vote; Igor Dodon would garner 36.5 percent; Valentina Buliga would gain 7.2 percent; other electoral candidates would get less than 3 percent.

According to the poll, 12.8 percent of the interviewed respondents could not make a choice. As regards the confidence in candidates running for the City Hall, Dorin Chirtoaca enjoys the confidence of 52 percent of respondents; Igor Dodon received 47 percent, Valentina Buliga 24 percent, and Mihai Godea 17 percent. The most influent persons in Chisinau municipality are: Dorin Chirtoaca was indicated by 20.4 percent of respondents, followed by Vladimir Filat with 19.1 percent, Igor Dodon 14.7 percent, Vladimir Voronin 11.3 percent, Vlad Plahotniuc 8.8 percent, and Marian Lupu 4.1 percent. The poll reveals the following options for the Chisinau Municipal Council:

According to the poll, 59 percent of respondents would vote for sure, 22.6 percent would probably vote, and 2.3 percent do not know yet. The survey was conducted during May 15–22, 2011 on a sample of 1,000 respondents and has an error margin of +/-3 percent.

“Forta a Treia” candidate injured

The leader of the “Forta a Treia” (Third Force) Bloc, Valeriu Plesca, is outraged that he was restricted access to the assembly of the joint stock company Moldovagaz. Plesca told a news conference that he has tried to attend the assembly as delegate of more than 20,000 consumers from Chisinau with the purpose to signal legalities committed by Chisinau-Gaz representatives against consumers, but was restricted access to the building. When he tried to enter the building with files and signatures of consumers, five men assaulted him and pushed him outside, saying that the Moldovagaz administration ordered them to restrict his access to the assembly. After being thrust, Plesca got injured and showed the contusions to journalists, saying that forensic doctors told his that the security men could have used the electroshock producing burn marks on his loin. Plesca has appealed to the Prosecutor-General’s Office and will demand pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages for injuries. The “Forta a Treia” candidate claims that he receives anonymous calls every evening and asked in Russian “to calm down”. That’s why “Moldovagaz will be responsible if something happens to me,” Plesca added. (Source: Infotag)

PSD candidate keeps accusing PCRM contestant

Sergiu Coropceanu, PSD candidate running for Chisinau mayor, claims that a structure financed from undeclared funds is operating in Moldova with the purpose to discredit political contestants and to prepare a new party called People’s Party for Igor Dodon. Coropceanu says that Dodon is using the confidence of people in the Party of Communists in order to further disappoint them and promote his political career. The PSD candidate recalls the situation after the 2007 elections, when 10 out of 16 PCRM members of the Chisinau Municipal Council joined other parties of the ruling alliance.

PCRM candidate declines accusations of PSD contestant

Igor Dodon declines the accusations brought by Sergiu Coropceanu, who claims that after elections the first would like to take over the People’s Party, recently registered with the Ministry of Justice. Dodon recalls that he is part of the PCRM team and accusations and allegations released the last days aim to seize the votes of his supporters. He assured that somebody is willing to break him and hopes that this somebody is not part of the PCRM. (Source: Unimedia)

PLDM signals new fabrications, wants to demolish booths and arrange parks

The Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM) holds information that unidentified persons are disseminating leaflets on behalf of PLDM in Chisinau, inviting voters to elect Victor Bodiu as mayor of the capital city. PLDM notes that it supports incumbent Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca and it has earlier withdrawn all materials which promoted its candidate to the seat of Chisinau mayor, while the disseminated cloned leaflets do not come from PLDM and are a new electoral diversion aimed to mislead voters.

The team of PLDM councillors seeks the demolition of booths in streets of the capital, saying that they “deteriorate the image of the city and produce misery” Victor Bodiu, the No.1 PLDM candidate running for Chisinau Municipal Council, delivered this statement while meeting residents from Botanica district. As regards the property in the city, the Liberal Democratic team has plans to restructure the sanitation organisation system and to do so that all residents of the city will have a park, a public garden or a good sport field at maximum 10 minutes of walk from their homes. (Source: Moldpres)

Mihai Godea wants to modernise public infrastructure

Mihai Godea, independent candidate running for Chisinau mayor-general, has introduced a seven-step platform aimed to modernise the infrastructure and the public utilities in Chisinau municipality: