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Election News from April 22, 2011

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PL promises 20,000 jobs in Chisinau

One of the main electoral promises of the Liberal Party (PL) is the creation of 20,000 new jobs in Chisinau. Some other promises of PL include: annual renewal of 500 thousand square meters of roads; the purchase of 150 new trolleybuses and 100 new buses; construction of 10,000 apartments under the First House Programme; modern lighting of the city; renovation of 500 flat blocks in four years; yards’ improvement: financing suburbs with one billion lei; etc. Also, the acting mayor insisted that, unlike other competitors, PL entered regularly into campaign after the official registration as a competitor by the Chisinau Constituency Electoral Council (CECC). He made allusions to the counter-candidates, particularly to the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM) that start the campaign resorting to unfair means, such influencing through administrative ways the decisions of CECC and plagiarism of the slogan “Together for Chisinau”. (According to Infotag)

PL has launched the website of the candidate for Chisinau city hall

Liberal Party (PL) and its candidate for mayor office, Dorin Chirtoaca, launched the site www.solutia.md. The site contains a list of accomplishments of the current mayor during the four years of activity.

PLDM launched the Moldovan TANDEM

Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM) launched its campaign for the election of Chisinau mayor, studding the city with advertising billboards showing the Prime Minister and PLDM leader, Vlad Filat, side-by-side with PLDM candidate for mayor of Chisinau, Victor Bodiu. Slogans on billboards urge: “Vote Victor Bodiu MAYOR! Together for Chisinau! Rate PLDM team”. It is noted that PLDM has made use of Tandem’ strategy after the model Vladimir Putin — Dmitry Medvedev. It is assumed that in the current electoral campaign PLDM will use the “nano-technologies” according to Russian tandem model. To start with, the site of PLDM candidate site www.bodiu.md was launched. Priorities PLDM candidate, Victor Bodiu, are: creation of jobs in the city; renovation and thermo-isolation of flat blocks; drinking water supply at affordable prices; rehabilitation of road network; green spaces care; citizen’s safety; improvement of Chisinau image.

PDM accuses PLDM and PCRM of “political raider”

At a press conference, the candidate of the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM) for Chisinau mayor office, Valentina Buliga, accused the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM) and the Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova (PCRM) of “political raider”. “From Briceni to Stefan Voda we have concrete cases, involving candidates to mayor office, including women, who have been contacted personally by the Prime Minister to leave PDM to PLDM… The mayor of Ungheni was preparing to run on PDM lists, when, figuratively speaking, was bought with another offer to go with the PLDM”. PLDM spokesman, Larisa Manole, denied the declarations made by Valentina Buliga, saying that “these are ungrounded allegations, with obvious electoral tempt… We do not know such cases and, in general, electoral competitors should refrain from the sense of ownership over the human destiny, which is one of communist origin”, Larisa Manole said. (According to Moldpres)

PLDM promises to bring the “rats” out to light

The leader of the Liberal Democratic Party (PLDM), Vlad Filat, reacted to accusations raised by the candidate of the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM), Valentina Buliga, that PLDM would deal be politically proselytizing, trying to convert potential PDM candidates for elective positions in local public administration. In this context, the PLDM leader declared that soon “the rat will be brought out to light”. According to Vlad Filat: “It is a purely male deed to send a woman to throw mud. I want to convey a message to the one who got into the den as a rat: very soon he will be revealed and then it will be clear why it is insisted, in this scenario, to attack directly PLDM”.

PNL unhappy by CECC activity

After the list of candidates from the National Liberal Party (PNL) for municipal councillors and PNL candidate for the mayor of Chisinau municipality — Vitalia Pavlicenco were registered by Chisinau Constituency Electoral Council (CECC), PNL leader expressed her concern, saying that, unfortunately, the electoral authority did not include on the agenda also the registration of PNL representative in the electoral Council, although the motion was filed, together with the entire file, back on April 18.According to Vitalia Pavlicenco, CECC instead registered in contrary to law the representatives of PL and PLDM, although this is possible only after or simultaneously with registration of those parties in the electoral race, which took place on 21 April. PNL has filed notifications with the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) because it “doesn’t want to repeat the situation from other elections, which showed the affiliation of electoral bodies to the new political patrons, after they have served the Communists”. PNL also filed a notification about the commencement of electoral campaign by PLDM before the official registration of the party for local electoral race.

PCRM candidate “prepares the bridges” Chisinau-Moscow

The candidate of the Communists Party of Moldova (PCRM) for the general mayor of Chisinau, the former Deputy Prime Minister, former Minister of Economy and Trade, Igor Dodon, paid a working visit to Moscow. The purpose of the visit is to establish relations with the Moscow administration, where he intends to discuss issues on infrastructure concerning the development of a modern city, which is particularly important for the Moldovan capital city, Chisinau. According to INFOTAG Agency, “Dodon will discuss with bankers the possibilities and conditions for obtaining soft and long term credits, that could be used for infrastructure projects of Chisinau — repairing roads, housing construction, implementation of economical and safe systems for supplying the capital with heat and water”. (According to Infotag)

PL has questions to PCRM candidate

Liberal Party (PL) has questions to PCRM candidate for mayor of Chisinau, Igor Dodon. At a press conference, PL candidate for municipal councillor, Oleg Cernei, asked Dodon to answer why in 2009, when he was Minister of Economy, the state budget had a hole of 8 billion and whether he also has the same intentions regarding the City Hall. “We want to ask him Dodon why laid flowers at the monument of Lenin, though he knows that this Communist idol destroyed and closed dozens churches in Soviet period. We also want an answer to why the communist governance has left the municipality with debts of over 700 million lei in 2007… Why he has appropriated the salary of 100 thousand lei from the Institute of Economics within the Academy of Sciences, without being an employee of this institution… Why in the period when Dodon was Minister, the meat mafia has successfully developed, and now he must be held accountable before people for everything he did, instead of putting questions on billboards.” PL gave a respite for mediation to Dodon till after Easter to answer these questions. (According to Infotag)

PSD wants to make the world better

Sergiu Coropceanu, Secretary General of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and candidate for general mayor of Chisinau, visited the Theoretical High School profiled in Arts “Mihail Berezovschi” participating in an Easter concert for parents, brothers and sisters, teachers and classmates. According to Sergiu Coropceanu these families require particular attention, not just financial one, but also a daily support to their children, who showed yesterday creative skills, an exceptional imagination and the most important is that within these families there is a charm that only parents know how to preserve. “Parents need more economic support, which would allow them to educate children, to provide them education and a future, but children need a real childhood. Besides, you must make this world be better”, Sergiu Coropceanu mentioned. (According to PSD Press Centre)

CEC has accredited national observers

At its meeting on Friday, April 22, the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) has accredited six national observers from the Association for Participatory Democracy “ADEPT” and seven national observers from the Public Association “Promo-LEX” to monitor the general local elections of June 5, 2011. At the same meeting, the Commission amended and supplemented the Regulation on procedures for drawing lots, it confirmed the representatives with consultative vote in the Central Electoral Commission during the electoral campaign from five electoral competitors and treasurers from four electoral competitors and amended some decisions on establishing Electoral District Councils. (according to CEC statement)