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Election News from May 5, 2011

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Dorin Chirtoaca filed documents

The mayor of Chisinau, Dorin Chirtoaca, showed up at the Constituency Electoral Council for filing the registration documents just a couple of minutes before the end of working hours. If he gets registered, Dorin Chirtoaca will appear last in the ballot.

Mihai Godea filed registration documents

Mihai Godea, former PLDM deputy chair, filed the papers with Chisinau Constituency Electoral Council in order to be registered as an independent candidate for mayor of the capital. In the package of papers, Godea also presented 13,000 signatures gathered in just two days.

PSD officially runs

Social Democratic Party official started running in the electoral campaign by presenting the PSD candidate for mayor of capital city, Sergiu Coropceanu, and the team of candidates for municipal councillors. The campaign was launched in front of Emergency Hospital and in his speech Coropceanu said the only solution for normal functioning of the municipal health system is to transfer the Emergency Hospital under the authority of City Hall. PSD candidate is committed to launch a number of municipal development projects that provide incentives for investment, upgrading the sewerage system, modernization of thermo-energy complex, road reparation, full transparency in the use of public money and lifting up the living standards of capital’s inhabitants.

PDM candidate also signs the Code of Conduct

Valentina Buliga, candidate of the Democratic Party of Moldova for mayor of Chisinau signed the Code of conduct in campaigning, within the Central Electoral Commission. According to PDM candidate, she easily signs the Conduct Code as she always campaigned for political culture in the Republic of Moldova, for a clean and decent campaign, based on ideas and solutions for Chisinau inhabitants. Until May 5, the Code of Conduct was signed by three electoral competitors.

PLD has candidate for mayor

Marcel Darius filed with the municipal electoral council the papers for registration as a candidate for general mayor of the capital city, on behalf of the Law and Justice Party (PLD). Last participation of PLD in a general election dates with 2007.

The meeting Godea-Plahotniuc is invalidated

Alleged meeting between Mihai Godea and Vladimir Plahotniuc did not occur, states the Speaker of Parliament and PDM, Marian Lupu. Decision of the former first deputy chair pf PLDM, Mihai Godea, took Marian Lupu by surprise too, and this situation will also have a negatively affect on European Integration Alliance. Later, Marian Lupu met with Mihai Godea at the State’s residence, but no details are made public. (source: noi.md)

Another independent candidate for the Council

Municipal councillor Mihai Severovan filed documents with Chisinau Constituency Electoral Council to be registered as an independent candidate for the municipal council in elections to be held on 5 June. In 2007 Mihai Severovan became municipal councillor after running as candidate on PDM, then he was part of PDM faction in the municipal council, and after its dissolution he stayed as independent councillor.

Valentina Buliga launches the strategy to support industry

The strategy was launched at the Chisinau Glass Factory. Valentina Buliga said the industrial potential of Chisinau municipality should be used to the full, and the City Hall can support the companies and create new jobs. The programme proposed by PLDM candidate provides for actions to support the employees, providing the enterprises with land for constructing flat blocks for employees, the exemption of 5% on income tax if assuming the commitment to reinvest the funds in the construction of kindergartens for employees, etc. (Source: PDM)