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Election News from April 29, 2011

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PLDM announces Commitment to Economic Recovery of Chisinau

Liberal Democratic Party candidate for mayor of Chisinau, Victor Bodiu launched PLDM Commitment to Economic Recovery of Chisinau and presented his economic platform. The main commitments assumed by PLDM candidate to mayor office are:

Valentina Buliga congratulates Moldova 1

PDM candidate for mayor of Chisinau has sent a congratulatory message on the occasion of celebrating 53 years since the onset of the first programme of national public television channel “TV Moldova 1”, whereby she states that reforms and innovations are promoted at the public television Moldova 1 “after it started to be led by a woman”. According to Valentina Buliga, this fact makes her confident that professional women are to play an increasingly important role in all spheres and at all levels. (Source: Info-Prim Neo)

PDM invokes possible electoral diversions

PDM Press Centre informs about a new electoral diversion, set up by PCRM against PDM. According to the release, one of our former local PDM leaders, after he was dismissed from office on grounds of inefficiency, was attracted by Communists with proposal to run in Nisporeni on their behalf, and instead was asked to publicly denigrate the Democratic Party. PDM expresses its disagreement with such procedures, used by some competing parties, and reiterates its call for a fair campaign.

Dodon congratulates chess players

Igor Dodon attended the ceremony of awarding the winners and participants of Chess Championship among children younger than 12 years. PCRM candidate for mayor of the capital city mentioned that he participates in this event not as a politician, but as a father, as a person who cares about sports for children and who will make maximum efforts to develop this sport in Moldova.