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Election News from May 11, 2011

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International election observation

Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE/ODIHR) sent a delegation to the Republic of Moldova composed of observers at local elections. The mission is composed of 11 experts and 14 long term observers, who will visit various districts to get informed about preparations for elections; they will also monitor the voting process and enforcement of legislative provisions. The mission will conduct systematic monitoring of the poll, the counting and tabulation of data on election day, being focused just on visiting some polling stations. Besides OSCE / ODIHR mission, the OSCE mission will also work separately. (Source: OSCE)

PLDM commitment for upgrading road infrastructure

Victor Bodiu, first on the list of PLDM candidates running for municipal councillor office, presented the Commitment for upgrading road infrastructure in the municipality of Chisinau. PLDM aims to radically change the mechanism for ensuring funding and organization of works on rehabilitation and modernization of roads, such as the annual allocations of hundred of millions of lei, from international funds and grants for a term of 20–25 years. The main commitments assumed by PLDM: (Source: PLDM)

Duel Chirtoaca — Dodon

During the meeting with students and teachers at the State Pedagogical University “Ion Creanga” Dorin Chirtoaca said he invites Igor Dodon to a public debate to find solutions for Chisinau. Chirtoaca proposed to hold the duel at the wastewater treatment plant, but Igor Dodon said he does not accept the proposed place and invited Dorin Chirtoaca to the “tribunal of Chisinau inhabitants”, on Alba Iulia street.

Mihai Godea identified the reasons of failures

Independent candidate for Chisinau mayor office, Mihai Godea, states the political instability and lack of reforms are caused by existence of some business groups that control the economic and political sphere of the country. According to Godea’s declarations, Vladimir Voronin, Vladimir Plahotniuc and Vladimir Filat are the heads of three influential groups the slow down the development of the Republic of Moldova and the battle between these business corporations leaves no room for small and medium business. Mihai Godea added he will fight for separation of business from politics and will come later with information and evidences about economic and political sectors of the country over which the three groups exercise influence. Regarding the election campaign, Godea said he found fake accounts on his name on social network Facebook and these accounts have been created ad hoc to be used as tools for misinforming the public. (Source: Info-Prim Neo)

The youngest candidate has proposals for youth

Maxim Braila, independent candidate for municipal council, proposes to exclude the notion of the length of work experience for young people, to promote youth in state institutions, technical equipment of schools and kindergartens of the capital, resolution of stray dog problem and granting privileges in public transportation for pupils and pensioners. Braila, aged 18, has presented his electoral platform inside the school where he studies (in 12th grade) and said he wants to make clean and transparent politics and therefore does not want to join any political party. The candidate is self-confident and says he will have a good result both in elections and in BAC exams.

PLD candidate continues to disclose fraudulent schemes

Candidate for Chisinau mayor office on behalf of the Law and Justice Party (PLD), Marcel Darie, says mayor Dorin Chirtoaca “implements a number of corrupt schemes in the city hall”, aimed at accumulating money for the Liberal Party. PLD candidate mentioned that in order to implement the schemes they used the Directorate for housing and communal services, headed by a member of PL Political Bureau, which would act on two pathways: According to Darie, the money embezzled from the municipal budget were used for personal benefits and financing PL electoral campaign in 2009. (Source: Infotag)

PLDM launched in Cahul

Over 100 PLDM members, including the party candidates for the position of district councillors, mayors and municipal and village councillors in Cahul district officially launched the campaign for general elections of June 5. At the end of launching ceremony, which took place in Cahul Independence Square, the Liberal Democrats have laid flowers at the bust of Stefan cel Mare.

PSD candidate calls for cleanliness

Sergiu Coropceanu, Social Democratic Party candidate for general mayor of Chisinau launched his Social Campaign “Chisinau — clean city”, which aims to raise awareness of drivers on the need to maintain cleanliness in the city by keeping the cars clean. The campaign has the slogan “I will clean up — You will maintain it” and during this campaign 20 volunteers equipped with hygienic products and information materials will provide free services to ensure a clean look of the car and inform the media about the need for daily care of transport units. In this context, Sergiu Coropceanu promised to build municipal laundry at all entrances to the city and where drivers will have free possibility to wash their cars. (Source: coropceanu.md)